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About us

The editorial team behind boxspringbetten24.org has made it its business to support you in your search for the right furnishings for your bedroom and all the things that go with it. Your sleep is important to us.

Our editors are experts in various topics around your home. In the product recommendations we have summarized popular items that beautify your bedroom and improve your sleep.

Marcus Richter

 Furniture expert

As a trained carpenter, Marcus is responsible for furniture recommendations at our company. After all, he is very familiar with the construction of furniture and knows what needs to be considered during processing.

His passion is practical and at the same time stylish and beautiful furniture. Despite the appearance, he also attaches importance to ease of assembly.

In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pass on his knowledge and his product recommendations to you.

Denny Nowak

Expert for technical devices

Technology is Denny’s passion. All technical devices are of burning interest to him and that’s why he is the expert in our editorial team for all technology around your home.

In his own home, he is always trying out the latest smart home technology. In this way, he is constantly improving the comfort within his four walls.

Katja Weber

 Interior design expert

Katja and has a passion for interior design and loves to give rooms a new shine.

An empty room is like a white canvas for her. There she can be completely creative and create a cozy home for someone.

As an editor at boxspringbetten24.org she is our expert for decoration and furnishing. On our website Katja can help you with her recommendations for the furnishing of your home.

Marc Fischer

Expert for healthy sleep

Marc is our expert for a healthy and restful sleep. He himself has been studying the quality of our sleep and how to influence it for many years.

Various components, such as a pleasant environment, the right bed and the right mattress play a significant role.

In our guide, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with you and helping you find the right products for your sleep.

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