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Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

What you should look for when buying

You have bought a box spring bed and regret it shortly after because it does not give you the hoped-for heavenly nights but downright hellish nights? Or you have wasted a lot of money and your precious time because you did not get good advice or you did not know what to look for when buying such a bed? This means for you now: either to sleep on an uncomfortable bed for years or to spend a lot of money again to clear up the earlier mistakes…

So that this does not happen to you, I have written this article. Because if you manage – with the help of this article – to find a bed in which you can sleep better than you could have imagined, then in the end we will both be happy.

In the following, I’ll tell you a number of things that you should definitely consider when buying your box spring bed. Of course, you don’t have to take these tips into account when making your decision, and not all of them will be relevant to you. However, there is one or two exciting pieces of information for every future box spring bed owner! The following checklist for box spring beds will save you a lot of money and trouble and will also give you the long-awaited sleep like on clouds!

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System Decision

Scandinavian Or American Box Spring Bed?

At the very beginning of the decision-making process, you should consider what type of box spring bed you would like to have. Would you rather have a bed system that consists of two mattresses (American)? Or one that consists of three mattresses (Scandinavian)? All in all, there are more arguments in favor of the Scandinavian variant! If you want more information about the Advantages and disadvantages of the respective bed systems.

Box Spring Bed For One Or For Two People?

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

Another basic decision is whether more than one person will sleep in the bed on a regular basis. For example, if you are planning to purchase a box spring bed for you and your partner, or you are planning such a purchase together, then the following probably makes sense: First, a double bed in a comfortable size. Secondly, two different mattresses (each of which will suit different sleep types). Especially this second point is very important. In order to be able to achieve the best possible sleep, the respective half of the bed should fit the respective sleep type! Whether one should also use two different toppers must be decided individually. Because some prefer an even better fit to their own sleep type (each using their own topper), while others prefer the disappearance of the visitor’s crack (by using one continuous topper for both). However, if you buy a double bed mainly for yourself, then of course you can choose a continuous mattress!

Know Your Own Type!

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

The be-all and end-all of any bed purchase is to know your own sleep type (know yourself!)! Do I sweat a lot? Do I have back problems? Am I a side or back sleeper? Am I more of a frostbite or a radiant heater? Do I move a lot in my sleep or do I sleep more like a statue? Do I prefer soft or rather hard beds? Am I allergic? All these and other questions should be clarified in advance in order to find the perfect bed for fantastic sleep. For example, if you are a restless side sleeper, it is necessary to look for different mattresses and toppers than if you are a quiet back sleeper who sweats a lot!

People With Higher Weight

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

If you have a heavier body weight, there are also some things you should consider. For example, it’s important that you buy a sturdy bed (which means solid wood instead of particle board, for example) and preferably a pocket or barrel spring mattress with a high firmness level. You can find more information about this in our article Box spring beds for overweight people.

Is It A Real Box Spring Bed?

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

Due to the Germany-wide trend towards box spring beds, there are now also many dubious suppliers. These sell ignorant customers beds under the designation „box spring bed“, which actually have nothing (except for the name) in common with real box spring beds. The problem is that the product name box spring bed is not protected and therefore there is a lot of room for customer deception. Therefore, when buying you should make sure that your desired bed is really a real box spring bed, otherwise you will never be able to achieve the desired and hoped-for comfort even close…. One of the most common approaches of these dubious providers is that instead of the actual box spring, only a simple wooden box is installed in the lower bed, which does not contain any springs (and therefore also has no function)! To be on the safe side, take another look at the construction of a real box spring bed, as I have written a detailed article on this topic entitled „What is a box spring bed?

Do I Need A Motor?

Boxspring Bed Buying Checklist
Before you start looking around for suitable bed models, you should also consider whether you need a bed with a motor. For example, for people with physical ailments, the elderly, or people with heavier body weights, a box spring bed with a motor may be the best choice. A motorized bed makes getting out of bed incredibly much easier, and the reclining position can also be easily adjusted if needed. In addition, a bed with motor offers the possibility of absolutely relaxed reading and watching TV in bed! Thus, a motorized box spring bed is a godsend for many people, which massively creates quality of life and possibly a wise investment in the future, in which the engine will definitely be needed.

Boxspring – Mattress – Topper

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

A treatment of the three central components of the box spring bed in this article would go beyond any scope and therefore I will refrain from doing so at this point. However, you should definitely look into the following articles:

  • What is a box spring bed – Here you will find all the important information about boxspring beds.
  • Boxspringbeds mattresses – There I explain you all the differences and features of mattresses, which should be considered when choosing.
  • Boxspringbeds Topper – Here you can find out everything important about toppers.

Or you can go to our Topperfinderwhere you can find your perfect topper by specifying your preferences.


The Headboard

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

The headboard is the real eye-catcher of the box spring bed and should be chosen wisely. You should make sure that the style and size of the headboard matches the rest of the bed as well as your bedroom. After all, the overall picture should look harmonious and this harmony should not be ruined by a completely inappropriate headboard. In addition to these important visual criteria, the headboard should also have a soft and therefore comfortable padding, so that both reading, watching TV, but also a cozy breakfast in bed become an experience and not an ordeal.

Avoid Style Breaks!

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

When choosing a bed, you should keep in mind that box spring beds, since they seem very powerful by nature, can possibly look out of place in small bedrooms. So, if possible, it should match the color and shape of your bedroom and its decor. In addition, if you are also playing with the consideration towards the trendy color white, think about the fact that it is particularly susceptible to dirt and you probably won’t be able to enjoy the bright beautiful white (that it will have at the beginning) permanently.

Boxspring Bed Sloping Roof

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

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If the location of the bed is affected by sloping ceilings, etc., be sure to measure the room carefully beforehand and compare it with the data provided with the bed. Little would be more annoying than to find out that the bed will not fit in the room you want! When buying a bed, it is often possible to choose the headboard itself (instead of the actual headboard, choose another one, e.g. one that is lower). Furthermore, there are even box spring beds without a headboard, but these do not look nearly as comfortable as box spring beds with an inviting headboard!

If you are interested which box spring bed is best suited for which room size then feel free to have a look!

Buy On The Internet – But Correctly!

Box Spring Bed Purchase Checklist

Buying a box spring bed on the Internet is usually cheaper than in a store, because various cost factors are eliminated by this form of distribution and thus the possibility of a lower price for the customer arises. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to in any case, so that you do not fall on your nose or there is no rude awakening!

  • The free return of the bed should be offered by the provider, because if the desired bed for any reason but can not convince, you should not be stuck with the return costs.
  • You should not fall for dubious discounts of 70% or more. These are usually not real discounts but just a shrewd sales tactic. The beds are provided with unrealistic former prices, which are then again „reduced“ to fool the customer into believing a super bargain. Often such reduced products are not even worth the money, which is demanded for them in reduced form.
  • Is there a possibility to customize the box spring bed? An incredible advantage of the box spring bed is precisely the possibility to perfectly adjust the individual components to your own type! Therefore, you should pay attention when buying whether your dream bed can be adapted to your preferences, wishes and needs or whether only ready-made complete packages are sold. These are often cheaper, but will not lead to nearly the same sleeping result as a perfectly fitting box spring bed.
  • Does the provider have an easily accessible and customer-friendly support team that can help you with words and deeds? If you have questions or uncertainties, a reputable provider should always offer the possibility to take care of your worries and needs!
  • It is also important that you look at customer reviews and test reports to be able to orientate yourself a little with all the choices. Both give you the opportunity to get more information, which does not come from the sellers themselves.

Quality Features

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

Signs of a high quality box spring bed include: 1. The use of real wood instead of low-quality particle board. 2. The thermal sealing of the springs, this noticeably increases the life of the springs. 3. The use of at least a pocket spring core and not cheaper and inferior Bonnell spring cores.

Purchase Only After Test Lying

Box Spring Bed Buying Checklist

Last but not least, I can only suggest that you should definitely have lain on the bed or even better slept on it before you finally decide to buy it. Because only then can you really be sure that the bed really suits you!
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Through our box spring bed purchase checklist, you should now be armed against the many dangers and possible sources of error, which can accompany the purchase of a box spring bed. If you consider the tips of the checklist and also inform yourself a little on our page about the individual components of the bed, then you will finally soon be able to sleep truly royal!

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