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The Box Spring Bed Checklist

The Ultimate Box Spring Bed Checklist

This Is What You Have To Watch Out For

What is important when buying a box spring bed or where certain sources of error lie, is not such an easy thing to see through.
The worst thing that can happen to you is that you buy a box spring bed for a lot of money and realize on the first night: I can’t sleep well in it.
Is that what happened to you? Then you should sell it again or return it and get a new one.
Since this should not happen to you in the first place, I have an ultimate checklist for you in this article. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when buying a box spring bed. If you pay attention to the right things, the combination of box spring bed and uncomfortable does not exist. I assure you!
And for all those who already have the wrong bed in their bedroom due to a hasty purchase: Don’t worry, I’ll straighten it out.

From Dream To Reality

Buying The Perfect Box Spring Bed

My goal: to help you get your dream bed, so that you are guaranteed to sleep great! The right box spring bed will let you dream wonderfully and at the same time make a little dream come true.
If you know exactly what is important in a good box spring bed, the probability of finding your perfect bed right away is very high.
In the following, I will tell you a number of things that you should definitely consider when buying your box spring bed.
Of course, you don’t have to take these tips into account when making your decision. Probably not all of our tips will be relevant for you. But it is better to know where the small sources of error are generally located. Which ones are important to you and what you actually pay attention to in the end is up to you, of course.
One or the other exciting information will be there for you in any case, I promise. And then there is not much missing and you can call yourself box spring bed owner in the future! So, what are we waiting for?
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Now to the bed finder and find your new dream bed!

The Checklist

The following checklist for box spring beds will save you a lot of money, disappointment and trouble. After all, you can’t really use bad purchases with such an investment, right?
If you pay attention to some of these points and think about your purchase, I guarantee that you will soon be able to sleep in your long-awaited box spring bed, just as you imagine it: „like on clouds“.

1. System Decision

Scandinavian Or American Box Spring Bed?

At the very beginning of the decision-making process, you should consider what type of box spring bed you would like to have.
Would you rather have a bed system that consists of two mattresses, the so-called American box spring bed?
Or one that consists of three mattresses and thus belongs to the type of Scandinavian box spring bed?
All in all, there are more arguments in favor of the Scandinavian version! If you want to have more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of the respective bed systems, then feel free to check out our article about the Boxspring bed advantages by.

2. Box Spring Bed For One Or Two People?

Another basic decision is whether more than one person will be sleeping in the bed on a regular basis.
If you are planning to buy a box spring bed for you and your partner, for example, it would be advisable to choose a double bed in a comfortable size.
Another option would be two different mattresses. But be careful: both mattresses must be individually adjusted!
This is very important to achieve the best possible sleep. Different sleep types – different mattresses. This is the only way to make sure that you both get the optimal comfort for you.
Whether you should also use two different toppers must be decided on an individual basis. Because some people prefer even better adaptation to their own sleep type (each using their own topper), while others prefer the disappearance of the visitor’s crack (by using a continuous topper for both sides).
However, if you are buying a double bed mainly for yourself, then of course you can choose a continuous mattress!
I have also written a lot of important information for you about toppers in another article. Look at the best also again exactly!

3. What Type Of Sleeper Are You?

The be-all and end-all for any bed purchase is: Know your own sleep type!
The following is crucial for the type of your sleep type:
Do I sweat a lot?
Do I have back problems?
Am I a side or back sleeper?
Am I more of a frostbite or a radiant heater?
Do I move a lot in my sleep or do I sleep more quietly?
Do I prefer soft or rather hard beds?
Am I allergic?
All these and other questions should be clarified in advance in order to find the perfect bed for a fantastic sleep.
For example, if you are a restless side sleeper, it is necessary to look for different mattresses and toppers than if you are a quiet back sleeper who sweats a lot!
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4. Do I Have A Higher Body Weight?

If you have a heavier body weight, there are also some things you should consider.
First of all, it is important that you choose a sturdy box spring bed. This means, for example, solid wood instead of chipboard.
The best mattress is a pocket or barrel spring mattress with a high degree of firmness.
I have written a detailed article for you here about what is important in box spring bed if you have a high body weight. Feel free to read through it to be accurately informed.

5. Is It A „Real“ Box Spring Bed?

Right. There are also „fake“ box spring beds.Due to the Germany-wide trend towards the box spring bed, there are now also many dubious providers. How should it be otherwise. These sell ignorant customers beds under the name „box spring bed“, which actually have nothing in common with real box spring beds. Except that they bear the name. The problem is namely that the product name box spring bed is not protected and therefore much room for customer deception exists – well super. Fehlkaufarlam! Good thing you found my article and read it carefully.
When buying, you should definitely make sure that your dream bed is really a real box spring bed. Otherwise you will never be able to achieve the desired and hoped for comfort… That’s the problem with „fakes“ or „imitations“ – they never have what an original has.
One of the most common approaches taken by these rogue sellers is to install a simple wooden box in the lower bed that contains no springs whatsoever. Visually, it looks like a box spring bed and that’s what it’s called, except there’s nothing about it that’s like the original.
The function that makes a box spring bed is not fulfilled by the absence of the box spring!
So, to be on the safe side, take another look at the construction of a real box spring bed in our article „What is a box spring bed“ article.
Make sure you don’t fall for any „scammers“. But if you follow all our tips, this can not happen to you.

6. Do I Need A Motor?

Before you start looking for suitable bed models, you should also consider whether you need a bed with a motor. For people with physical ailments, elderly people or people with higher body weight, a box spring bed with motor may be the best choice. A motorized bed makes it much easier to get out of bed, and the reclining position can also be easily adjusted if needed. In addition, a bed with motor offers the possibility of absolutely relaxed reading or watching TV in bed.
Thus, a motorized box spring bed is a godsend for many people, which creates additional quality of life and may be a wise investment for the future.
But the decision whether you want to have a motor or not is entirely up to you.
Would you like to learn more about Boxspring beds with built-in motor inform yourself? I have written a detailed article for you! Feel free to have a look.
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7. Boxspring, Mattress And Topper

– Which structure is the right one? –

You should definitely know the three central components of the box spring bed and exactly how a box spring bed is constructed. However, to cover this topic in this article would be too extensive.
I’ll list all the other articles you should read before you buy a box spring bed.

  • What is a box spring bed – There you will get all the important information about the box spring.
  • Boxspringbeds mattresses – There I explain to you all the differences and features of mattresses that are important to consider when choosing.
  • Boxspring bed toppers – Here you can find out everything you need to know about toppers.

8. The Headboard As An Eye-Catcher

The headboard is the real eye-catcher of the box spring bed and should be chosen carefully.
You should make sure that the style and size of the headboard matches the rest of the bed and your bedroom.
After all, the overall picture should harmonize as best as possible and this harmony should not be ruined by a completely inappropriate headboard.
In addition to the visual criteria, the headboard should also have a soft and comfortable padding. This makes both reading and watching TV more comfortable and as a small highlight, even the delicious breakfast in bed becomes a breeze!
That’s what I call small but nice luxury, don’t you think?

9. Avoid Style Breaks With The Box Spring Bed

The thing that makes box spring beds special is their remarkable mightiness. A huge sunbathing area! It can look great, but it can also look completely out of place. So be careful which of the many box spring beds on offer will fit in your bedroom!
When choosing a bed, make sure that its size doesn’t make it look out of place in your bedroom. This can be especially the case if you have a rather small bedroom.
So, if possible, it should match the color and shape of your bedroom and its furnishings.
Also, think carefully if you have a white box spring bed in mind. Of course, it looks great. Not for nothing has white become the trend color. But unfortunately, white is also very susceptible to dirt and stains. Furthermore, the once so radiant white fades a little with time…. so please think twice about what color your box spring bed should be.

10. Sloping roof or other obstacles?

If the location of the bed is affected by sloping ceilings, for example, you should definitely measure the room carefully beforehand. Then you should compare your measurements with the data given with the bed.
What could be more annoying than to find out that the bed does not fit in the room you want? Does not fit? There is (actually) no such thing. You may only have to make a few compromises.
When buying a bed, you can often choose the headboard yourself. There are even box spring beds without a headboard. Then the box spring bed lacks some visual, inviting coziness, but that’s better than missing it completely on your box spring bed, right?
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11. Buy On The Internet – But Correctly!

The World Wide Web – actually the near perfect place to buy your space-age box spring bed! Buying a box spring bed on the Internet is usually cheaper than in a store.
This is mainly due to the fact that various cost factors are eliminated by this form of distribution, thus creating the possibility of a lower price for the customer. Sounds promising for you in any case, don’t you think?
However, there are some things that are important when buying online and that you should know and pay attention to. As is often the case, it’s good to know the important aspects before you decide to make such an investment. Below, I’ll show you what to look for when ordering your bed online.

When ordering online, the important thing is that…

  • …the free return of the bed is offered by the provider, because if the desired bed for some reason is not convincing, you should not be stuck with the return costs.
    Especially because it is also advisable to try out the mattress and test whether you can really sleep well in your new bed. – If you notice that this is not the case, you should be able to return your bed without any problems.
  • … that price/performance is realistic.you should in no case fall for dubious discounts of 70% or more. Sounds too good to be true.
    These are usually not real discounts. They are mostly sales tactics of the dealers. The beds are provided with unrealistic former prices, which are then again „reduced“, in order to make the customer believe a super bargain.
    Often, such reduced products are not even worth the money, although it is already partly so cheap. So it’s best to keep your hands off!
  • … the possibility exists to adapt your box spring bed individually to your wishes.an unbelievable advantage of the box spring bed is just the possibility to adjust the individual components perfectly to the own type!
    Therefore, you should pay attention when buying whether your dream bed can be adapted to your preferences, wishes and needs or whether only ready-made complete packages are sold.
    These are often cheaper, but will not lead to nearly the same sleeping result as a perfectly fitting box spring bed. If you already decide on a new bed and then also on a box spring bed, you should not be too stingy in this point. Otherwise you will miss out on valuable, qualitative advantages.
  • … the customer support is guaranteed and of high quality.Is there an easily accessible and customer-friendly support at the provider, who will help you with words and deeds?
    If you have questions or uncertainties, a reputable provider should always offer the possibility to take care of your worries and needs!
  • … that you take a close look at test reports and read them.
    It is quite advantageous that you look at customer reviews and test reports to be able to orient yourself a little with all the choices.
    Both give you the opportunity to gather information about your dream bed that goes beyond that of the retailer. Make sure that the customer reviews are reputable and don’t fall for bought „hymns of praise“.


12. Know The Quality Features

Of course, there are still differences in quality, as everywhere. To make sure your bed is durable and give you some time before the next bed purchase, it would be good to know them.
The signs of a quality box spring bed include:

  • The use of real wood instead of low-quality particle board:
  • The thermal sealing of the springs, this noticeably increases the life of the springs.
  • The use of at least a barrel spring mattress and not cheaper, and also actually inferior, Bonnell spring cores.

13. Final Purchase Only After Extensive Test Lying

Last but not least, I can only suggest that you should have lain or even slept on the bed in any case before you finally decide to purchase it. Only then can you really be sure that the bed really suits you.
That is why it is so important that you have the possibility to return your bed. And especially, as already mentioned, if you buy it on the Internet.
It would be so annoying if you are so excited about your bed, don’t exactly put little money on the table for it and in the end you don’t sleep well in it at all.
That’s exactly what we want to avoid as much as possible with all of this.

Now you should be armed, if you should go on the search for your perfect box spring bed. The many dangers and possible sources of error can no longer harm you thanks to our article.
If you now additionally gather more detailed information on the other topics, you will very soon be able to sleep in your new, wonderful box spring bed. And better than ever! That sounds great, doesn’t it?
Then head on over to the other articles I’ve written for you on the subject of box spring beds.

If you still have questions about this topic that we couldn’t answer here or in the other articles, feel free to ask them in the comments or check out our blog

, where you’ll find lots more info about box spring beds!

Now to the bed finder and find your new dream bed!

Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.