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The Box Spring Bed – What Is It?

The Box Spring Bed

What Is It All About?

The term box spring bed is becoming more and more common. You hear about it all the time, but still many people are not exactly clear what a box spring bed really is. Is a box spring bed just a box spring bed or are there certain factors that make up a „real“ box spring bed?
To answer this question, I will explain in this article what a box spring bed is and explain the individual elements of the box spring bed.

What Is A Box Spring Bed?

The box spring bed is basically a slightly different alternative to the classic bed with slatted frame and cold foam mattress. The box spring bed completely eliminates the need for a slatted frame and instead of a slatted frame, it uses a sprung base as its foundation. The box spring bed is therefore a type of bed and not a registered brand name (like the futon bed, for example).

Why The Name „Box Spring Bed“?

Boxspring means as much as „box“ and „spring“, put together the overall word means as much as „spring box“ or also „spring box“. It basically describes the typical substructure in a box spring bed.
The box spring bed was actually invented decades ago in the USA, which explains the English name.
Initially, box spring beds were also frequently used in hotels, which is why the box spring bed is sometimes referred to as a „hotel bed“. In the meantime, however, the term box spring bed has already become widely accepted in this country and the box spring bed has found a permanent place in many German bedrooms. How often exactly the box spring bed has taken the place of a „normal“ bed, however, fluctuates constantly.
Box spring beds are particularly popular in the United States and Scandinavia. Therefore, box spring beds are often called „American bed“ or even „Swedish bed“.

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The Structure Of A Box Spring Bed – How Is It Composed?

The box spring, i.e. the base of the bed, consists of a frame that is usually made of solid wood and surrounds the springing. Most often, the box springs contain so-called bonell springs (optionally with spring core or pocket spring core).
Depending on the manufacturer and type of bed, several different layers of springs are processed in the box spring base. On the box spring itself lies the actual mattress and, depending on the type of bed, also an additional „topper“ (a particularly small topper mattress).
Boxspring beds consist of several layers and the boxsprings lead much higher than a normal slatted frame – As a result, boxspring beds are usually much higher than conventional slatted frame beds.

In The Following Graphic You Can See The Schematic Structure Of A Classic Box Spring Bed:

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The Components Of The Box Spring Bed In Detail

The Bottom Mattress / The Box Spring

The box spring is the base of the bed.
It usually stands on feet, so that the air can circulate optimally in the individual bed components. The box spring consists of a sturdy wooden frame, in which the suspension of the box spring bed is located. Here, either bonell springs or barrel pocket springs can be used.
Both spring systems should provide you with an even springing in all parts of the bed.
Bonell springs are especially suitable for overweight people. However, it is especially recommended that you use barrel pocket springs, as they adapt to your body particularly well.
How many springs are really necessary in the end depends on your individual needs.
In contrast, a classic slatted frame bed tends to yield strongly in the middle and significantly less at the edges. In addition, the box spring suspension should adapt better to the body weight.
However, there are differences in box springs only in the type and number of springs, not in their hardness. Therefore, in the box springs should also be emphasized above all these categories as a selection criterion.

The Bed Frame

Of course, a box spring bed consists not only of the box springs and the mattresses, but the bottom mattresses are usually firmly anchored in a bed frame.
Here you should pay attention to the fact that the frame is sturdy enough and preferably made of solid wood to support your weight in the long term.
You should also make sure that the feet of the bed are large enough, the more surface area they have, the more stable your bed will be in the end. The feet of the bed you can, at least visually, customize many beds.
It can also be useful to pay attention to the number of screw connections, the fewer screw connections the higher the probability of later fractures in the wood. The principle of „less is more“ therefore applies to the screw connections of the box spring bed.

The Mattress

On the box spring, as with „normal“ beds, lies a simple mattress.
In the case of box spring beds, the mattress should be ideally matched to the box spring, or base, and to your own needs (weight, height, etc.). Especially suitable are mattresses with a barrel pocket spring. Especially if you prefer mattresses with a firmer stability, these are highly recommended for you.
As a general rule, the more springs, the higher the support of the mattress. So this time: more is more!
However, the number of springs does not say anything about the comfort of the mattress, and other factors also play a role.
For example, there are mattresses with a PU cover (polyether), but also mattresses with a cold foam cover.
The cold foam cover should ensure that the mattress returns to its original shape as quickly as possible and thus increase the comfort of lying.
You should keep in mind that the mattress is one of the most important factors for your own comfort, especially if you do not use a topper. Therefore, you should be well informed about the mattress and consider what needs your mattress should meet.
You can learn more about the different types of mattresses and other interesting information about the comfort of a box spring bed in one of my other articles.
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The Topper

The topper is a thin „extra mattress“ that is placed on top of the large main mattress. In American box spring beds, this is sometimes omitted, which affects comfort for some people.
In fact, a topper offers several advantages: The mattress is protected and the bed can be adjusted much more finely to one’s needs. Toppers, in turn, are available in different variants, for example, made of cold foam, viscose or latex.
Since the topper is usually the top layer of the bed, the topper is also, together with the mattresses, one of the most important factors for your sleep quality and belongs to the bed parts that should be selected especially carefully.
Would you like to learn more about the topper? We have also written a detailed article on this topic.


Particularly large headboards have almost become a classic feature of box spring beds, even though variants without headboards are still offered.
If you like to lean in your bed, good padding and proper stability are of course extremely important.
Similar to the bed frame, different materials are used here, depending on the quality of the bed. The cover and the material of the headboard are rather a matter of taste and very different. Here, therefore, attention should be paid primarily to the actual stability and durability.
However, in bedrooms with sloping ceilings, the headboard can become a problem, as many box spring beds have a headboard height of one meter and more.
With a low headboard, however, the box spring bed quickly looks quite strange, as the bed height is already above average. In such a case, you are better off buying a box spring bed without a headboard at all. But in any case, take a look at it in peace and I am sure that you will find your perfect box spring bed even with a sloping roof.
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Categories And Variations Of The Box Spring Bed

Basically, we distinguish mainly in two different types of box spring bed:
The American box spring bed and the Scandinavian box spring bed.
In Europe, the Scandinavian box spring bed type is the most popular.
In the following I would like to show you the differences between these two types of beds.

The American Box Spring Bed

As the name suggests, the American box spring bed is most popular in the USA and Canada.
Basically, the American bed differs in the height of its mattress, which reaches at least a height of 30cm.
In addition, the mattress layer is usually made particularly „cozy“ and comfortable, since the American model usually does not have an additional topper mattress.

The Scandinavian Box Spring Bed

The Scandinavian box spring variant, also known as the „Swedish bed“, is characterized mainly by the use of the topper mattresses.
As these are placed on top of the larger mattresses, the actual main mattresses also often come in an optical high-quality leather look. Due to the use of the toppers, the Scandinavian box spring bed variety usually has a much longer life expectancy than the American beds.

Boxspringbett inkl. Topper und Kissen

What You Should Consider When Buying Your Box Spring Bed

There is a lot to consider when buying a box spring bed. You should also not be too careless with it. After all, the purchase of a box spring bed, especially financially, is usually not something you just shake off the sleeve.
However, the main advantage of buying a box spring bed is that you get a stable bed and you can pay special attention to your personal needs.
In principle, you can not do too much wrong when buying.
Provided you read our articles about box spring beds, so that you can be completely satisfied with your new bed in the end!
If you really want to be sure, you can of course also read various test reports and compare which of the tested beds best suits your needs.

You’re probably wondering now what makes a box spring bed so special and why it can become such a big issue in the first place, right? Here you can go directly to the next article – Learn about the advantages of the box spring bed!

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