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Box Spring Beds For Overweight

Box Spring Beds For Overweight People

What To Consider?

Overweight is now a problem that, according to studies, affects about every fifth German. For people with overweight, the choice of bed is often problematic. For them, it is particularly important to be careful when choosing a bed, as a certain degree of stability and robustness must be ensured.
This problem is not only faced by people who suffer from overweight in the classic sense, but also by many bodybuilders . Due to their muscle mass, at least in rigid theory, they have too high a BMI and should therefore also approach their bed purchase carefully and thoughtfully.

Boxspring Beds As A Perfect Solution For Any Weight

So far, most of the furniture industry in Germany has not really come up with the idea of understanding people affected by overweight as a target group and developing special offers. In the USA, the homeland of the box spring bed, however, there are such offers already longer.
But with the current steadily increasing popularity of box spring beds, the range of beds suitable for overweight people is also increasing.
For heavier people, on the other hand, box spring beds seem to be ideally suited, as the mattress lies on the box springs and thus the weight is better absorbed and distributed. Better than would be the case with a stereotypical slatted bed.
In addition, the height of the box spring bed is especially beneficial for people who are overweight.
However, the purchase of the box spring bed alone is not a guarantee of stability and good sleep. A box spring bed should be optimally adapted to its user, because only then will your new purchase really lead to a better and more restful sleep.
Above all, your weight plays an important role when it comes to finding your suitable bed. With excess weight, you should choose the right size and robustness of the bed.
What you should definitely pay attention to when buying your box spring bed, I explain in this article!

Here’s What You Need To Look For In A Box Spring Bed:

With overweight, there are several factors that should definitely be considered when buying a box spring bed. So that you have everything well in view, I will tell you the most important things to buy box spring bed with overweight.
Adapt mattress and box spring to your weight.
First of all, the mattress and box spring should be carefully selected and customized.
The boxspring itself should preferably have a modern barrel pocket springing, as only these provide a really firm support that adapts to the body.
In addition, it is advisable to purchase a boxspring variant with slightly more springs, as otherwise there is a risk that the bed is too soft and you literally „sink in“.
With beds that are too soft, there is an increased risk that you will sag faster and, in the worst case, even get back pain.
Which box spring bed components are suitable for heavier weights?
Number of springs: If you weigh 100 kg or more, the box spring should have at least 300 springs (per m²) or more.
Bed frame: The frame of the bed itself should be made of solid hardwood, such as oak, if possible.
Caution Beds made of pressed wood should be avoided at all costs.
Mattress: As a mattress is also a barrel pocket variant, as this can distribute weight optimally.
Ideally, it should be a 7-zone mattress. On top of it, as is usual with Scandinavian box spring beds, there should also be a topper.
Topper: The topper itself should be adjusted to your individual needs. However, a topper with foam filling (e.g. cold foam), which is somewhat thicker and has a higher insensitivity and elasticity, is generally recommended.
If you have problems with sweating or cold, this should of course be taken into account especially when choosing the topper.
The topper is mainly necessary to make a hard mattress a little softer.
However, if the mattress already has the ideal hardness, the topper only serves as further padding and is not absolutely necessary.

Choosing mattress and bed.

Why No Metal Bed Can Compete With A Box Spring Bed

If you are primarily interested in the stability of your bed, you might understandably consider metal beds, especially since they are often cheaper than box spring beds.
However, it should be remembered that especially inexpensive metal beds often have struts that are hollow on the inside. This makes it look stable and solid at first, but under high and constant load, the hollow struts give way even faster than wood and break.
So a cheap metal bed is by no means a reasonable alternative to a box spring bed.
So if you want a stable bed, you can’t avoid looking for beds with high-quality workmanship and investing a little more money for them.

The Box Spring Bed As A Stable And Comfortable Sleeping Experience

It’s true…When choosing a bed, you face a real problem when you reach a certain weight. The bed must be stable and support your body weight for a long time, but at the same time provide the best possible comfort. Unfortunately, standard beds usually do not meet these requirements.
Box spring beds, on the other hand, offer what heavy people need to achieve the best possible sleeping experience.
It offers a high entry and exit height, is usually very resilient due to the box spring principle and there are enough large, very chic models.
If you invest in a stable box spring bed, you probably won’t need a new bed anytime soon. If you then purchase quality mattresses that are designed for your needs, you can look forward to a more restful sleep without annoying back pain.

Criteria of a box spring bed for overweight:

  • Stable frame and feet, preferably made of sturdy solid wood.
  • No beds with pressed wood or other unstable materials.
  • Barrel pocket springs in the box springs and mattress.


Advantages And Disadvantages:


  • very good sleeping comfort.
  • noble and luxurious look.
  • back-friendly
  • especially comfortable entry and exit due to above-average height.
  • Longevity of the bed.
  • Higher load capacity.


  • Higher price than classic slatted beds.
  • A lot of important points to consider when buying a bed.

About what in general must be considered when buying a box spring bed, I have compiled for you a detailed Box spring bed purchase checklist compiled for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, as well as your own experience reports or recommendations, feel free to leave us a comment!

Otherwise, I hope that I could help you with the article, so that you can soon consider your dream bed in the bedroom, if not feel free to check out our blog

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