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Box Spring Beds With Motor

Luxury In The Fast Lane

A built-in motor in a box spring bed, i.e. a motorized bed? Well, that may sound very strange to some at first. But it is not – on the contrary! It is an enrichment!
You may have already noticed that the box spring bed is gradually becoming more and more popular as a trendy piece of furniture. In more and more bedrooms you can find the massive, but insanely comfortable bed….
Another trend that is spreading is to equip a box spring bed with a motor to get the maximum comfort out of it.
But what is it exactly? A box spring bed with a motor? What are the advantages of this modern variant?
To help you understand more about the combination of the terms motor and box spring bed, I have summarized everything you need to know about the subject in this article. A built-in motor in the box spring bed is in fact the ultimate luxury and offers some great advantages!

Increased Comfort Due To Built-In Motor

Right. If your box spring bed has a motor built in, usually a higher level of luxury and comfort is automatically set. You wonder why?
The answer is quite simple: the built-in motor gives you an insanely high level of comfort, as you can adjust your mattress to suit your needs.
Watching TV, eating or reading in bed? From now on an experience in itself! The head and foot sections of your bed can be easily adjusted by the motor and thus perfectly adapted. So you are guaranteed to always find exactly the right position!
You suffer from back pain and only a very special sitting or lying position will relieve your discomfort? No problem! You can find this with the help of the built-in motor and always move into exactly this position.
Back pain? No way!
Westfalia Polsterbetten Boxspringbett mit Elektromotor4
In addition, if you have a motorized box spring bed, you should pay special attention to the fact that it is a high-quality mattress. Every good and high-quality box spring bed with motor usually has at least one pocket spring mattress in the top and also in the bottom mattress.
The best choice is a pocket spring mattress with at least 260 springs per m² – of course, this also depends on the hardness of your mattress.
More about this in a moment…
In addition, a topper is always placed on every box spring bed with motor, which offers additional comfort. Within the topper you can decide whether you choose cold foam, visco foam or climate latex as material.
If you want to gather more detailed information about the topper, you can do so in our article about Topper do it.
So, as a rule, every box spring bed with a motor offers you unmistakably good lying comfort, which you can perfectly emphasize with a high-quality mattress. So, if you choose a high-quality box spring bed with a built-in motor, you are, literally, always right on the money.

Box Spring Beds – Remote Control With Cable Or Radio?

Boxspringbett Fernbedienung
The head and foot sections of your box spring bed with motor are adjusted via remote control. Here you can freely choose between a
Radio remote control or a wired remote control.
The wired remote control offers an advantage in that it is always easy to find. Normally, there is an integrated pocket on the bed in which the remote control can be stored at any time.

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What To Consider With Motorized Box Spring Beds?

1) The Mattress

A box spring bed with a motor is constructed in the same way as a normal box spring bed.
And accordingly, just as with all box spring beds, the mattress is crucial for comfort.
What material and quality are processed, ultimately determines how high quality and durable your box spring bed is.
So the motorized box spring bed also consists of two mattresses on top of each other in three different selectable types. Bonell spring core, pocket spring core and barrel pocket spring core…. The fact that these, quite thick mattresses can be bent without any problems is hard to imagine at first. With a high-quality engine and suitable mattresses however absolutely no problem!
I have already told you that the mattress of a motorized box spring bed should be a (barrel) pocket spring core in the best case. This is also identical to the box spring bed without a motor, although it is even common here to use a pocket spring mattress in the top mattress.
Accordingly, you can also deduce that a bonell spring core is not well suited for a box spring bed with a motor and is also rather rare as a bottom mattress. But why is that the case?
I’ll answer that question for you now by explaining exactly how which mattress harmonizes with a motor and why.
In this article I will not go into detail about the basic characteristics of each type of mattress. I have already written a very detailed article on this topic, which deals exclusively with the types of mattresses for your box spring bed, you can find this article here.

Bonell spring core in electrically adjustable box spring bed: Unsuitable
The bonell spring core mattress, as you already know from our mattress article, is surface elastic.
However, it is not recommended to use a bonell spring core in the box spring in case of a box spring bed with a motor. The mattresses with bonell spring core are difficult to position. Due to the connection by a wire, this type of mattress can be tilted badly. All springs react in the same way due to the surface elasticity, which only creates a rounding and not a decent angle. This is also the reason why you won’t find a bonell spring core in the top mattress of motorized box spring beds.
Pocket spring core in the electrically adjustable box spring bed: Suitable

In this type of mattress, the springs react point-elastic. Due to the fact that the springs are not connected by a wire, there is hardly any vibration. Pocket spring mattresses are super suitable for electric box spring beds. This is mainly due to the fact that the springs react separately, so the mattress can be tilted perfectly. In any position, good support of your body is still guaranteed.
An additional plus is that the springs, because they are sewn into fabric pockets, do not produce noise or unwanted vibrations.

Barrel pocket spring core in the electric box spring bed: Ideally suitable
Collection AB Boxspringbett
With a barrel pocket spring mattress, there is an optimal adaptation to your body. So, with it, you get the best comfort that a box spring bed can offer you. The barrel-like springs improve the supportive function of the sewn-in springs. It is also possible to tilt the mattress without any problems.
For a box spring bed with motor, this mattress is ideal and should be present in the top and bottom mattress if you want to go for maximum comfort and quality.

2) The Overlying Topper

The topper is the top layer of the box spring bed. We have already written a detailed article about toppers, you should definitely read it!
As you know, the quality of the topper is not to be minimized, because after all you lie directly on it.
Quality features of the topper are height and space quality. Besides, it still differs in cold foam and visco foam toppers. Latex is also a possible material for the topper lying on it.
A high-quality topper made of cold foam has a minimum height of 5cm and a volume weight of 35 kg/m³.
A high quality topper made of visco foam has a minimum height of 3cm and a volume weight of 40kg/m³.
( [ … ] Maybe put it in some kind of box?)

Use continuous or separate topper?

Especially with the electrically adjustable box spring beds, the topper is very important.
As long as your bed is not wider than 1.40m, you can usually adjust the mattresses with a remote control. However, if your bed is wider than 1.60m, the two halves of the bed can be adjusted separately – at least that should be the case.
And here the question arises, what kind of topper you use best… There is the nice continuous topper, which should be preferred for normal boxspring beds. And then there is the possibility to put two, small toppers on the bed halves.
As a general rule, you can use a continuous topper on an electric box spring bed up to 1.40m wide. After all, you can only adjust your bed in one direction anyway.
But if you want to buy a box spring bed with motor, which is at least 1.60m wide, you can decide whether to choose two 80m wide toppers or a continuous one. The continuous topper for motorized boxspring beds is „cut“ at the top and bottom…

Electric box spring bed of at least 1.60m wide:
Which topper makes sense?

If you buy your motorized bed for two people, for example, for you and your partner, there will probably be different preferences in the lying characteristics. Accordingly, it makes sense to buy a separate topper for your motorized bed if you often share it. The two separate toppers create two different lying surfaces.
Furthermore, in this case, everyone can choose their „favorite“ topper.
In case of a continuous topper there is only one lying surface and therefore it is suitable for a double bed only if you mainly use it alone.
Although the continuous topper of the box spring bed has a certain typical charm, it should not necessarily be preferred for a double bed with a motor.
Of course, the final choice is always up to you and your personal feeling.

Boxspringbett Breckle mit Elektromotor

3) The Bed Frame

A box spring bed with a built-in motor is not exactly a lightweight. It weighs over 100kg and therefore needs a reliable support.
To get the best possible stand for your box spring bed, it is advisable to take a closer look when choosing the bed frame. It should be very sturdy and high quality.
Here, there are huge differences in quality within the materials used. Most often, a bed frame is made of solid / solid wood or plywood. Even the simple chipboard is often used as a material in bed frames.
But which material is best for your electric box spring bed?

Material solid/solid wood as bed frame for your motorized box spring bed: suitable
With solid/solid wood as the material, you are choosing the most stable and durable material you can for your bed frame. In most cases, it is not chemically post-treated, but sawn directly from the tree trunk. After that, the natural drying process begins and the wood is immediately cut to fit your box spring bed, or the corresponding piece of furniture.
Due to the fact that the mattresses of the electric box spring bed constantly move, it needs a stable support. A bed frame made of solid wood is therefore highly recommended, as it has the required stability.

Material plywood as a bed frame for your motorized box spring bed: Suitable.
The at least 12mm thick wood, consisting of several glued layers of wood, has a high stability. Most often beech, birch or maple is used for the laminated wood.
With this material you can count on stability and durability, which makes it recommendable for an electric box spring bed.

Material chipboard as a bed frame for your motorized box spring bed: Not suitable.
Chipboard is made of glued, coarse wood chips and is pressed together in several layers.
As a bed frame for an ordinary box spring bed, it is definitely a possible, good material.
However, a box spring bed with a motor requires extra strong support, which chipboard does not have.
Therefore, I do not recommend chipboard as a bed frame for your electric box spring bed.
Boxspringbett Mjölvik

4) The feet of your box spring bed

The feet of your motorized box spring bed should also provide sufficient stability.
In fact, in order to ensure a stable stand, it is necessary to have high-quality feet in addition to the bed frame.
The material of the bed feet usually amounts to solid wood, plastic or metal. However, the size of the feet is more important than the material used. If the feet are large enough, the resulting pressure can be distributed in the best possible way. So your choice of bed feet should be the largest possible model at best.

5) The Motor

Did you think I was forgetting the most important element of this article? No, the most important thing comes at the end. The electric motor of your box spring bed!
It’s quite a task to be able to move both mattresses plus topper and then bring them into a good position. For this, the motor needs a good drive.
The available, good models for motors for box spring beds are equipped with 5000 to 7000 Newton.
So they can move about 500 to 700kg and are thus sufficient for a box spring bed.
As mentioned earlier in the article, there are radio or cable remote control for the electric motor. Many dealers give you the choice here. Radio is a bit more expensive and not better than the cable remote control.

Special accessories for motorized box spring beds
A special type of box spring bed also requires special accessories. Of course, these are not compulsory, but they make it much easier to use the electric box spring bed. Now I’ll put you in the know about the special features of the box spring bed with motor and leave it up to you, with which extras you choose your box spring bed in the end.

  1. The mattress stopper for slip resistance

Of course, the mattresses of your box spring bed will slide to the foot end in some way when you tilt the headboard. Therefore, high-quality box spring beds have a „stopper“. This is discreetly attached to the bottom of the bed and prevents the mattresses from sliding. There are either stoppers covered with fabric or made of shiny, silver metal.
Of course, this stopper is not a must-have, but I definitely recommend it to you. It can be very annoying if you have to straighten your mattresses back into the right position every night.

  1. The right fitted sheet. You do have to decide whether you prefer one continuous topper or two separate ones. Depending on your choice, you need to choose one or two matching fitted sheets.
    The fitted sheet that you should use for the continuous topper on your electric bed is called „split topper“.
  2. It allows for easy adjustment of both halves of the bed and is therefore highly recommended.

  3. Possibility of synchronizing both

bed halvesFor beds with a width of 1.60m and two separate box springs, some providers allow you to select that both halves can be controlled synchronously.
However, this costs extra and is only recommended if the box spring bed is used by a couple who always want to lie in the same position.

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in detail, so if you’re interested in electric box spring beds, be sure to check it out!


Summary:Here’s What You Should Pay Special Attention To With A Motorized Box Spring Bed

  • For a double bed, the head and foot sections should be separately adjustable.
  • Robust construction and stable support through a bed frame made of solid wood/solid wood or plywood.
  • The mattresses should both ideally be made of pocket springs.
  • Preferably, the double bed should have separate box springs, mattresses and a two-part topper.
  • Some kind of retaining bracket at the foot end prevents the mattress from slipping away when adjusted – quite advisable (However, this is usually not necessary with easily adjustable headboards).
  • The motorized box spring bed should really be a real box spring bed (too cheap offers are mostly „imitations“).

If you don’t know what exactly I mean by the last point, it’s important that you read my detailed article on this topic. Here I explain to you what is important in a box spring bed, what you should look for when buying and how the construction is. Many providers offer inexpensive beds and call them box spring beds. More than the name, however, these beds have nothing to do with the „real“ box spring bed. This can also happen with a box spring bed with motor – so pay attention to the important features of the box spring bed!

I hope I could show you all the important aspects of box spring beds with motor. If you still have questions – no problem, just write them to me in the comments section and I will answer them.

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Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.