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What Box Spring Bed For What Size Room?

Which Box Spring Bed For Which Room Size?

Box spring bed test – In this article we test which bed is best for which size of room.
Because just as there are different beds, there are also different bedrooms, but which box spring bed fits best in which room? The size of box spring beds cannot be underestimated, which is why in this blog article I’ll tell you which bed fits best in which room. Whether it’s a small bedroom, a large bedroom, or a bedroom with a cozy sloping roof, I’ll find you the optimal box spring bed for each circumstance.

Box spring bed test – Which bed is suitable for which room?

Attic bedroom

Since boxspring beds often have very high headboards, you should pay special attention to the headboard height in a bedroom with a sloping roof. Normally, the headboard is between 1.10 and 1.30 meters high and is therefore unsuitable for many bedrooms with sloping ceilings.
So that you do not have to do without a box spring bed despite the sloping roof, there are 2 possibilities:

Box spring bed without headboard:

Here I present 2 box spring beds that have no headboard and are therefore ideal for bedrooms with sloping ceilingsBoxspringbett ohne Kopfteil.
Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the Collection AB box spring bed, which comes with a foam topper and offers you an optimal comfort lying height. This bed is available in different sizes and colors and is relatively inexpensive.
The second box spring bed without headboard is the Westfalia box spring bed, which has stylish chrome-plated metal corner elements and can be purchased in 2 colors as well as different finishes.
If you don’t want to do without a headboard on your box spring bed despite a sloping roof, I’ve now picked out some beds with a low headboard for you:

Box spring bed with low headboard:

A model with a low headboard (1.06 meters) is the INOSIGN box spring bed.
In this bed, the headboard consists of cozy back cushions, which invite you to relax and unwind. INOSIGN Boxspringbett In addition, this bed convinces with a topper, which is included in the price.
Another bed with a low headboard is the box spring bed from Breckle. This bed has an adjustable headboard element, making it ideal for sloping ceilings. It is also made of an easy-care fabric cover and is available in two colors.
Another INOSIGN box spring bed also offers a low headboard height with a total of 90.5cm. This bed is also equipped with integrated lighting in the headboard and thus visually enhances the bed.

Small bedrooms

If your bedroom is already very small, then a large box spring bed looks particularly powerful. In this case, just as in a bedroom with a sloping roof, you should rather opt for box spring beds with a low headboard. Thus, all the above models from INOSIGN and Breckle are also suitable for small bedrooms.
In addition, the space requirement in a small bedroom is particularly large, so you can fall back on box spring beds with bed drawers. These are:
Box spring bed with bed base
GMK Home & Living box spring bed „Aivi“.

Large Bedrooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom, a box spring bed will also give you the opportunity to really show off by choosing a bed with an imposing headboard.
INOSIGN Boxspringbett

Again, I have a box spring bed from INOSIGN to choose from, which features an impressive headboard and velvet-look fabric.
But also the box spring bed from Hapo or the box spring bed „Aivi“ from the GMK collection convince with an impressive headboard.

I would recommend you to visit our bed finder , there you can enter all the details for your new box spring bed and we will present you the right bed for you and your bedroom.

Now to the bed finder and find your dream bed for your room size

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