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IKEA Boxspring Beds

Are You Still Tossing And Turning Or Are You Already Asleep?

IKEA Boxspring Beds – IKEA is probably one of the most famous furniture stores par excellence and how could it be otherwise – IKEA also offers a nice selection of boxspring beds. Pretty much no modern interior can do without at least one piece of IKEA furniture these days. At the latest with the decoration we will all grin – Well, how many parts are from IKEA in your possession?
IKEA convinces with a diverse range, which mostly offers a good price-performance ratio. A furniture store full of living inspirations – every visit a little highlight. Even online, IKEA offers a clear range of everything you need for living. And lo and behold, under the bedroom category, you can quickly find box spring beds. So the question arises: can you bet on the box spring beds from Ikea? And most importantly, how to lie and sleep on them?
I explain to you in this article, what the box spring beds from IKEA offer you and whether a purchase is worthwhile.
In addition, I will introduce you to 4 box spring beds, which you can easily order at IKEA or look directly in the furniture store and test lying.
I will give you information about the following beds in this article:


General Advantages And Disadvantages Of IKEA Boxspring Beds

Among the general advantages of box spring beds that IKEA offers you:

  • Many choices of different mattresses and toppers.
  • 2 different mattress hardness levels selectable.
  • Surface elastic Bonell springs in the bottom mattress.
  • Visually simple design – beautiful and timeless.
  • Upholstered headboard.
  • Bed frame material made of solid pine, spruce and beech.
  • Washable covers (40°).
  • Uncomplicated assembly of IKEA box spring beds.

The general disadvantages include:

        • Relatively high delivery charges of the online store of up to 149€.
        • With continuous topper and mattress is not optimally possible to use together with different lying habits.

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      The Most Important Aspects Of Boxspring Beds From IKEA

      In this article I will explain in detail what you can get at IKEA regarding boxspring beds. The main purpose of this article is to give you an overview of whether IKEA box spring beds can become your new bedroom favorite.
      For the IKEA box spring beds, I will take a closer look at the following aspects:

                  • Sleeping comfort of the box spring beds.
                  • Optical features of the boxspring beds.
                  • Quality and workmanship of the boxspring beds.
                  • Care instructions for the box spring bed.
                  • Structure of the box spring bed.
                  • Health advantages of the box spring bed.
                  • Delivery of the box spring bed from IKEA.
                  • Service of IKEA.
                  • Conclusion – How good are IKEA box spring beds really?

      Individually, I will look at comfort and design for the aforementioned IKEA box spring beds.
      The conclusion about IKEA box spring beds you will find at the end of the article.

      The Sleeping Comfort – Mattress Equipment

      Ikea offers you the possibility to choose between different mattresses.
      You choose a combination of a mattress and a mattress topper.
      The bottom mattress, i.e. the box spring, is always made of spring core. Thanks to the area-elastic Bonell spring core mattress, the pressure exerted on the upper mattresses is perfectly distributed.


      All Mattresses At A Glance:

      The Hyllestad Pocket Spring Mattress:

      An extra layer of memory foam or latex complements the fabric pockets in which the pocket springs are individually sewn.
      Here you have latex as a supplement in the medium-firm variant of the mattress and memory foam in the firm variant.
      Latex offers you an even distribution of your body.
      Memory foam reacts to your body heat and thus perfectly adapts to your body.

      The Pocket Spring Mattress Hesseng:

      In this mattress, high-quality natural materials complement the fabric pockets of individually sewn pocket springs. By using horsehair, latex and cotton, a good sleeping climate is ensured and your sleeping comfort is very well designed. In addition, this mattress puts your body in a pleasant, straight position. Thus, you get the opportunity for a restful and deep sleep.

      The Hövåg Pocket Spring Mattress:

      This mattress is also made of individually sewn pocket springs. Comfortable lying is made possible by a layer of comfort material. At the same time, this prevents pressure points. Your spine, joints and intervertebral discs are protected by the point-elastic relief.

      The Different Toppers From IKEA

      The Tustna mattress topper is made of a comfortable mix of wool and latex. Here, too, a lying surface with pressure-relieving properties is created. Due to a specific adaptation to the body, Tustna provides a very high level of comfort.
      The Tussöy mattress topper is made of memory foam. It perfectly adapts to the contours of your body and relieves pressure.
      The Tuddal mattress topper is made of cold foam, which is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. It also relieves pressure and provides a firm surface to lie on.
      Tromsdalen mattress topper is made of natural latex. Here your body is brought into a pleasant, straight posture – in addition, latex has climatic properties. This ensures an even, warm temperature, which is beneficial for people who tend to extremes, i.e. sweat a lot or freeze quickly.
      By the way, for a box spring bed with a size of 180/200 cm you can also choose two separate toppers. These are then each 90 cm wide. This way, despite the continuous mattress, a more individual adjustment to two different bed types is possible.

      Which Mattress-Topper Combination For Which Lying Feeling?

      Depending on how you personally like to lie, you have a large selection of different mattresses and toppers at Ikea – that means you will find the right choice for every lying feeling. Now the question is, which mattress with which topper is the most comfortable for your personal feeling.
      In the following, I will recommend which combination is best suited for your preferred lying feeling – however, you should try it out in person to rule out the possibility that it is not comfortable enough for you. I will also discuss this topic again in the various bed models..
      But first in general:
      If you prefer a firm lying feeling, you should choose the following combination:

                  • Höwåg pocket spring mattress and Tuddal cold foam topper.
    • If you prefer a medium-firm lying feeling, you should choose the following combination:
                  • Pocket spring mattress Höwåg and latex topper Tustna.
                  • Pocket spring mattress Hesseng and latex topper Tromsdalen.
    • If you prefer a soft lying feeling, you should choose the following combination:
                  • Pocket spring mattress Hyllestad and visco foam topper Tussöy.
                  • Pocket spring mattress Hesseng and visco foam topper Tussöy.

      Go to the bed finder and find your dream bed from IKEA

      All IKEA box spring beds shine with their design that fits into any era. Due to the simple and at the same time very elegant appearance of the box spring beds, it is ensured that they fit into pretty much any interior. Classic, discreet and yet beautiful.
      Within the box spring beds, you can still partly decide between different colors and feet. Generally, however, the colors are kept in simple and generally matching colors, such as beige and gray.
      Through the beautiful headboards, which have every box spring bed at IKEA, a particularly cozy atmosphere is created.
      In general, the pretty IKEA box spring beds visually enhance any bedroom and invite you to cuddle up and relax.

      Quality And Finish

      In general, it can be said about IKEA box spring beds that they are convincing in terms of price and quality. The manufacture of pine and spruce ensures a long life and promises a good level of stability.
      The upholstery of the headboards creates a comfortable place to lean. In general, the cover of IKEA box spring beds is neatly finished at the seams and gives the impression of high quality.

      Care Instructions

      IKEA box spring beds quickly invite you to spend the whole day in them. Watching TV, reading, eating, drinking – it’s all possible, but who hasn’t experienced it? One tends to spill something after all. No problem! The pretty covers from the IKEA box spring beds can be easily removed and washed at 40° delicates. So stains can be easily removed and the bed is clean and beautiful as before! Practical!
      The firm covers of Oldervik and Vallavik can be washed with furniture shampoo. If you ever discover a light stain, it can be removed with textile detergent or a sponge with soapy water.

      Attention: Special care instructions for box spring bed VALLAVIK!
      It is not possible to wash the headboard cover of the Vallavik box spring bed! However, you can remove it and clean it with a normal dry cleaner with tetrachloroethene and hydrocarbon according to the Ikea care instructions.


      Ikea is known for its uncomplicated furniture and its very easy assembly. Maybe you already have furniture from IKEA and know this already. For each piece of
      For each piece of furniture there is a clear assembly instructions, which you can easily implement with a little skill. This is also the case with the box spring beds.
      The box spring bed is delivered in about 10-12 packages and these weigh a maximum of 30kg. For one or two adults so good to handle. The mattresses and toppers are delivered rolled, which makes them super easy to carry.
      Ikea also offers an assembly service. If you do not trust yourself to assemble, you can have your new bed built for an extra charge.
      But it’s basically not a big deal and you should be able to do it on your own or with a private helper.

      IKEA Customer Service

      What you have to give IKEA credit for is the unmistakable customer service. The customer is king – especially at IKEA.
      On the website, you’ll find a range of different service offerings under Service. These range from kitchen planning to sewing services. You’ll find everything you need to know about IKEA’s customer service.
      IKEA has a FAQ & Contact section, in case you have questions that you can’t find the answer to. Either you can find it there or you have the possibility to ask a new question.
      In addition, you get on IKEA articles partly up to 25 years warranty.
      Especially regarding the IKEA box spring beds it is important to know that the mattresses can be exchanged at any time upon presentation of the invoice. So if you realize that you have chosen the wrong mattress and your back thanks you, you can exchange it for another mattress.
      Despite all the research, does your IKEA box spring bed turn out to be a bad buy for you personally? No problem! The entire box spring bed can also be returned upon presentation of the invoice.
      In addition, IKEA offers home delivery, which is quite expensive. You have to calculate between 109 and 149 euros. In itself, a good thing to save your own, exhausting trip with a van – the only question is whether it’s worth it… Unfortunately, a small minus point, despite good service approach.
      With other providers, the shipping of box spring beds is partly offered free of charge, which makes IKEA look old against its competitors in this point.

      Conclusion: Do The IKEA Box Spring Beds Really Convince?

      The answer is: Yes, the IKEA box spring beds convince!
      Vallavik If you’re looking for a good box spring bed that doesn’t cost a fortune and visually enhances your bedroom, IKEA is the right choice!
      The price-performance ratio is definitely right with the IKEA box spring beds. Also in design, IKEA has made the individual box spring beds well designed and pretty much suitable for any interior style. The IKEA box spring beds have a good quality and offer you a high level of comfort. So if you can’t or don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a box spring bed, you should find it at Ikea. You will find the right one for your individual needs among the various combination options.
      However, with a continuous mattress, it can happen that not both people experience the optimal lying feeling in the box spring bed.
      So if you are alone looking for a bed, this is absolutely no problem. Should you look with your partner, you should prefer approximately the same lying feeling or agree on a good compromise.
      Only the high delivery costs disturb the overall very positive impression.

      Here you can find more detailed information about the individual IKEA box spring beds:

      Now to the bed finder and find your dream bed from IKEA

Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.