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The box spring bed is, at least for me, the epitome of a comfortable, wonderful bed – After all, who doesn’t like sleeping on what feels like a tower of mattresses?
Which brings us to the topic of the article: The mattress types of the box spring bed.
What kind of tower do you want to sleep on? So yes, there’s bonell spring core, pocket spring core, cold foam or how about rather a barrel pocket spring core mattress… okay, wait. Not such a simple decision it seems. Who else is going to get through it?
Exactly: You! Because I offer you a quick overview of all mattress types for your box spring bed.

You should make this decision with care, because a box spring bed can still look so beautiful – It must be perfectly adapted for you, your body and especially your sleep. After all, you fall asleep in it every night and wake up in it every new morning.
But don’t worry, I’ll help you make all the requirements for the right decision
So let’s start slowly:
If you want to buy a box spring bed, you should in any case first get properly informed about what exactly matters. One of the first and most important questions you should ask yourself is which mattress is best suited to your needs. Because not all box spring beds are the same.
The type of mattress is crucial for the comfort of< the bed. And this is crucial for how well you sleep and how refreshed you start the day. And since sleep in general is very important, you should not underestimate the importance of the right mattress!

To make sure you sleep like a baby, I’ll also tell you in this article what you should know about the different box spring bed mattresses and their quality features.

How Many Mattresses Does The Box Spring Bed Consist Of?

One bed – Two mattress parts on top of each other in one mattress each. Sounds a bit like sleeping on clouds, don’t you think? If you read up on it, it’s as comfortable as you might imagine it to be.
But how exactly is the whole thing constructed?
Well, the box spring bed consists of a lower mattress and an upper mattress.
By the way, the bottom mattress is also called box spring, which gives the bed its name.
In most cases, double beds use 2 mattresses, but they do not have a crack between them, as usual, but are connected by a so-called topper. Uncomfortable slipping into the bed crack is therefore impossible – that’s quite excellent, isn’t it?
The visitor’s crack familiar from childhood no longer exists, which is a very positive feature in my eyes.
The topper is continuous and spreads completely over both mattresses.
Are you specifically interested in toppers? Very good, because the choice of the right topper is also decisive for how comfortable you will be in your new box spring bed. The icing on the cake, so to speak, or the special thing about the nice, soft cloud, if we stick to the idea of sleeping like on clouds.
I have written a separate and detailed article for you about this.
At the end of this article I link you to the article about the different toppers.
But now back to the main topic: What mattresses are available for box spring beds and how do they differ?

The Mattress Types Of The Box Spring Bed At A Glance

Let’s get to the most important part of the entire bed – the mattress. As we said before, what is the point of having a bed if it looks good and comfortable, but is not comfortable at all?
To decide what you find most comfortable, a live test in a bed store is always beneficial. But to give you a rough idea of what options you have, I have listed all types of mattresses in this article.
They differ in their price category, but mainly in their quality and lying properties.

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Spring Mattresses Or Cold Foam Mattresses

What Is Right For You?

The box spring bed originated in the USA, where innerspring mattresses are part of its usual equipment. A real box spring bed consists of an innerspring mattress.
Here in Germany, however, another type of mattress is becoming increasingly popular – the high-quality cold foam mattress. So more and more box spring beds are equipped with this type of mattress.
But this distinction is far from being the decisive one – there are differences in quality, as well as in the lying properties of both superior types of mattresses.
So let’s start with the original spring mattress.

The Original: Box Spring Bed With Innerspring Mattress.1) Bonell Spring Core

The mattress with bonell spring core is the simplest of its kind and is one of the cheapest variants among the types of mattresses of the box spring bed.
It reacts area-elastically, due to interconnected springs. So, as soon as you put pressure on one spring, all the springs react together and there is a slight swing or bounce, as you want to call it.
Bonell spring cores are definitely suitable as an under mattress. They offer you a decent springing, which in most cases is perceived as pleasant.
However, bonell spring core mattresses are rather less suitable as an upper mattress. The main reason for this is that they do not manage to support your body properly. They are very soft and, as a top mattress, result in a stronger springing, which is often perceived as uncomfortable. You virtually sink into the mattress and this very likely leads to tension in the long run.
Of course, you have to decide for yourself whether you find the mattress with bonell spring core comfortable or annoying.
So, as a rule, the „conspicuously“ cheap box spring beds are equipped with bonell spring core mattresses in the lower and also upper mattress.
Suitability as a top mattress: Poor

2) Pocket Spring Core

In contrast to the bonell spring core mattresses, the pocket spring core mattresses react point-elastic. Here, the springs are incorporated separately and, accordingly, react independently. As the name suggests, all springs are sewn into pockets. When pressure is applied, they yield individually. Pocket spring core mattresses offer you a pleasant relief of the entire body, giving you a stable and very comfortable lying feeling.
Basically, pocket spring core mattresses are very suitable as an upper mattress and offer a suitable supplement if your box spring bed offers a bonell spring core mattress as a lower mattress.
Suitability as top mattress: Good
Suitability as bottom mattress: Good

3) Barrel Spring Core

Those who like it a bit more high-end will find their happiness in the barrel spring core mattress. The „bulbous“ shape gives the mattress type its name, as it is reminiscent of a barrel. The advantage is that the individual springs are designed to provide progressive spring performance. So you apply pressure to a spring and it responds with resistance. The more pressure, the more resistance. As a result, your body is perfectly supported. If you suffer from back pain in general, this type of mattress is wonderful for you, because it relieves your spine optimally.
Of all the innerspring mattresses, the barrel pocket innerspring offers a unique modernity and the maximum comfort. Your box spring bed will be especially well equipped if both the bottom mattress and the top mattress are made of barrel spring cores.
Suitability as upper mattress: Very good
Suitability as bottom mattress: Very good

Choosing mattress and bed.

General Quality Features Of The Innerspring Mattress

  • Number of springs: An innerspring mattress should have at least 250 springs / m².
  • The springs provide targeted support for your body. The more springs help with this the better. Some dealers save costs by processing few springs. As a result, you will have a cheap bed, but also correspondingly worsened comfort.

  • Thickness of the foam layer. The padding over the springs should be at least 3cm.
  • The thinner the padding, the more uncomfortable you will feel the springs under your body. If your mattress is poorly made, the springs may even damage the foam layer. If the springs are clearly visible on the surface, you can imagine how comfortable it will be – exactly: rather less.
    So beware of comparatively cheap box spring beds: Often, in addition to the number of springs, the foam layer is also saved.
    And how annoying would it be if your dream bed loses its comfort after just a short time?

  • Wire thickness / degree of hardness. The recommended wire thickness regulates according to body weight.

The so-called degrees of hardness are offered differently depending on the manufacturer. Thus, you can sometimes choose different degrees of hardness per mattress. For example, if you use this box spring bed together with your partner, you should order different degrees of hardness depending on your weight.The higher the degree of hardness, the thicker the wire of the spring and accordingly firmer the whole mattress. If the wire is too thin, hollows can quickly form, affecting comfort.So, in summary, you should choose the degree of hardness of your mattress to match your body weight. Anyone too soft, nor too hard, is beneficial to your well-being. This feature should also not be underestimated at all, because the better your degree of hardness is chosen, the better you can sleep.

Choosing The Right Firmness Level – Which Firmness Level Is Suitable For You?

There Are 5 Different Degrees Of Hardness:

H1: Very soft
H2: Soft
H3: Firm
H4: Very firm
H5: Extremely firm
The rule of thumb is that if your BMI is less than 25, firmness level 2 is most appropriate.
At a BMI of 25, it would then be hardness grade 3.
From a BMI of 30, hardness grade 4 is the most suitable.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the various dealers misjudge the hardness of the mattress and then provide it with a „wrong“ degree of hardness.
Therefore, be careful: the degree of hardness is important for the comfort of sleep, but can not be regularly chosen exclusively by its designation, or be decisive for the purchase decision.
Therefore it is very important to inform yourself about it exactly!
So it is best to ask the manufacturer how the said degree of hardness comes about and which degree of hardness is best suited for your weight with this mattress.
If the contact to the dealer is not possible directly, it is helpful if you look at a few experience and/or test reports.
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The Popular One: The Box Spring Bed With Cold Foam Mattress

At least in this country, the cold foam mattress is definitely one of the stars among mattresses. We Germans love them.
This is probably due to the fact that the cold foam mattress is known to support the body specifically in the places where it touches the mattress. The high point elasticity, which is spoken of here, is one reason for the growing popularity of this type of mattress for box spring beds.
The special feature of cold foam mattresses is that they are usually divided into 7-zones. This means that the mattress has different firmness in their respective zones, and thus yields exactly to your body.
For example, your shoulder and pelvic area is optimally embedded and your spine is relieved.
The 7-zone cold foam mattress allows you to maintain a natural posture of the spine while lying, which means that you can normally say „goodbye“ to back pain and tension.
So, if you often suffer from tension, back pain or even pressure sores, the cold foam mattress is a good way to go. But it also offers a very high level of comfort in general, which definitely has its advantages.

General Quality Feature Of The Cold Foam Mattress

The Density

Qualitatively one goes with cold foam mattresses after the volume weight. According to the motto: Quality weighs!
The higher the weight, the longer it lasts and the more point-elastic it is. However, the hardness of the mattress also increases with the weight.
If you go for a very high-quality cold foam mattress, it usually has an additional comfort layer made of natural latex or visco foam.
In general, it can be said that a volume weight of at least 40 kg/m³ should be present so that you can be sure that your cold foam mattress will transport you to optimal sleep and will sit on your box spring bed for a long, long time.
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Now you’re almost ready to embark on your search for your perfect box spring bed.
But there was one more thing: the topper.
There are certain differences with this one, too, that you should know about.
I’m already very glad you’re taking the time to educate yourself on the right type of mattress. So please take some more time now and don’t choose your topper too carelessly either!
Here you can go directly to our article about toppers.

Do you have any questions about box spring beds or the right mattress that I haven’t been able to answer yet? Or you have interesting additions, comments or anything else? Feel free to write it in the comments! Or check out our blogand find a lot more info about boxspring beds!

Now you know & can search for your dream bed in the bed finder

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