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Topper For Boxspring Beds

What You Need To Know &Amp; Consider

It is always said that a real box spring bed consists of a box spring, a mattress and a topper. But what on earth is a topper now?
What exactly is a topper, what do you need it for and which ones are there, you will learn from me. You will also know what to look for when choosing a topper after reading this article.
It’s not so easy to keep track of the wide range of products on offer today – the same applies to the selection of different toppers.
There is the right topper for every sleep type. The only question is which topper is the right one for you. As always, we want to avoid bad purchases as much as possible – that’s why you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you find the right topper for you right away.
And one thing is for sure: Toppers belong on Scandinavian boxspring beds like lingonberries on Köttbullar! Or something like that…
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Now to the Topperfinder & perfect your sleeping comfort!

What Is A Topper?

The term „topper“ comes from English and is derived from „top“. „Top“ in German means something like „upper part/surface/top“.
A topper is the top of the three mattresses on Scandinavian box spring beds.
It usually has a height between 4 and 10 centimeters and consists of a core material and a matching cover.
The topper is placed on the actual mattress of the box spring bed and thus closes the entire bed construction at the top. This structure is very well illustrated by the following picture:

In contrast to this Scandinavian box spring variant (3 parts: box spring + mattress + topper), the American box spring bed (2 parts: box spring + mattress) already has the topper integrated into the gigantic mattress.
The Scandinavian box spring variant offers various advantages over the American construction due to the separate topper – More about that later…

There are several ways in which the topper can be attached to the actual mattress.
Usually, the top of the mattress is equipped with a non-slip layer. This provides a certain amount of support, making slippage more difficult.
In addition, some toppers are equipped with loops that are pulled over the 4 corners of the mattress to prevent it from slipping.
These are two things to look for when buying a topper.
If your topper slips, however, it can be remedied after the fact. You can easily retrofit with an anti-slip pad and thus solve the problem.

Toppers are made of different materials. Depending on the material, there are different properties and, of course, different price ranges.
Not all toppers are the same, which also applies to mattresses.
But why do you need a topper for a box spring bed at all? And what types of toppers are there? I will now answer these questions in detail.
was ist Boxspringbett wie ist es aufgebaut

6 reasons Why A Box Spring Bed Should Also Have A Topper

The topper fulfills several functions at the same time and offers an all-round carefree package in the form of a (thin) mattress.
The 6 main advantages, or functions of the topper are:

  • Improved Lying Properties

    With a topper, even minor improvements can be made to the lying and sleeping characteristics of beds.
    You can adjust the hardness/softness of the bed a little or make the sleeping experience a little cooler/warm. There are also special toppers that are suitable for frequent sleepers.

  • Mattress Protection

    Using a topper noticeably increases the life of the actual mattress and protects it from premature wear and fatigue.
    So, you can replace the topper as needed and not have to replace the entire mattress right away.
    This problem arises with the American variant of the box spring bed, since this one integrates the topper into the mattress.
    Thanks to the topper, the actual mattress is given many extra years, which definitely gives you a certain financial advantage. After all, a new mattress is not exactly a cheap affair.

  • No more Visitor Crack More:

    With a double bed box spring bed there are usually 2 mattresses. This offers the possibility of two different sleep types to meet, but inevitably brings the unloved visitor crack. As a child, you may have thought this was great, but in adulthood it is an enormous nuisance.
    However, this annoyance can be excellently remedied with a continuous – extending over both mattresses – topper. What a practical matter! It is then the longed-for connecting piece of the two individual mattresses. Cuddling together is thus wonderfully possible and uniquely comfortable.

  • Hygiene Improvement

    If you also like a fresh, clean bed, or even suffer from allergy problems, then the topper offers you a pretty great remedy.
    The topper prevents mites from settling in the actual mattress, for example. In addition, it prevents the penetration of liquids, such as sweat, into the actual mattress.
    Since it has a separate cover, it can be easily removed and cleaned regularly. Thus, the topper acts as a protective wall between the actual mattress and certain unhygienic factors that could „harm“ it.

  • Bed Covering Made Easy

    The topper itself is an easy-to-use, thin mattress and, unlike the large American box spring mattress, can be covered very easily. Thus, you don’t have to wrestle with a large and unruly mattress on a regular basis, but simply bypass this problem with the matching, nearly featherweight topper.
    You will see: Reupholstering your bed won’t be a struggle in the future, but you can look forward to a freshly made, airy and super comfortable bed quickly and with little effort!

  • Unlimited Design Variety

    After all, it’s not always just about the look, but it is already important. Especially when it comes to a piece of furniture that is the focal point of your retreat.
    A beautiful box spring bed is a real eye-catcher and invites you to relax wonderfully after a hard day just by looking at it.
    This is not least because there are almost no limits to individual preferences. Alone the inexhaustible choice between different covers.
    The great advantage of the topper insert is that only this itself has to be covered with a bed-typical, skin-flattering material.
    So you can freely choose which material you want to cover your topper with – depending on which one suits you best and with which one you feel most comfortable.

What Types Of Toppers Are There?

It’s not so easy to keep track when it comes to choosing the right topper for your box spring bed. After all, there are once again different toppers, each with different properties – but hey, only through this gigantic variety, can you create your very own „favorite sleeping place“. So, it’s a bit of work to get through it, but it’s worth it!
Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the most common (core) materials for toppers in the following. In addition, I will give you a brief assessment of the properties associated with each material.

style=“color: inherit; font-size: 1.9375rem;“ 1.PU foam/comfort foam topper
style=“font-size: inherit;“ PU foam, which is often also called comfort foam, is the style=“font-size: inherit;“ cheapest entry into the world of toppers.
Unfortunately, in this case cheap also means cheap – the quality is not convincing. This core filling is an area-elastic topper, which is also unfortunately not particularly promising in terms of durability.

style=“color: inherit; font-size: 1.9375rem;“ 2.Cold foam topper
style=“font-size: inherit;“>most common core materials.
In contrast to PU foam, it is a very high-quality product that is quite convincing.
It is especially suitable for restless sleepers (e.g. side sleepers).
So, if you frequently toss and turn while sleeping, this material is well suited for you, as it very quickly returns to its original shape. Moreover, such a topper allows you to lie comfortably and stably on your box spring bed.
Due to its properties, such a core material is additionally suitable for people with higher body weight, as well as for people who sweat more. The foam is very breathable and therefore perfectly suitable.

style=“color: inherit; font-size: 1.9375rem;“3.Visco foam topper
A topper made of visco foam is characterized by its „memory“ nature. This means that it „remembers“ the body shape of the person lying on it. You probably know the principle from the shoe factory, where the fit of your foot is virtually „marked“ in the sole.
The material returns to its original position only slowly and stores heat. So if you want to save your joints and like to be warm at night, such a topper is a real revelation. Unlike cold foam, the material is very soft, which makes it ideal for back sleepers.
However, due to its properties, visco foam is not suitable for active sleepers and people who tend to sweat at night.

style=“color: inherit; font-size: 1.9375rem;“4.Latex topper
Latex toppers are suitable for almost all types of sleepers who like to liealittle style=“font-size: inherit;“>softer. Latex is a very elastic and therefore soft material, which at the same time quickly returns to its original shape after being subjected to stress. Since it is a point-elastic material, it relieves the body accordingly exemplary and thus prevents back pain particularly well.

style=“color: inherit; font-size: 1.9375rem;“ 5.Visco latex topper
Visco-Latex combines the positive properties of Visco foam and latex.
The disadvantages of the two materials are thus balanced out and disappear.
Thus, there is an extremely good adaptation to the body, which is created by the visco-part. The latex content enables the rapid restoration of the original shape after stress. This makes this topper material an excellent option for just about all sleepers.

6 Hints

– What To Look For In Toppers And Their Purchase?

  • The Topper Cannot Compensate For A Bad Mattress

    It is important to note that a topper itself is not, nor wants to be, nor can be a full-fledged mattress. This means that by choosing a great topper, you are in no way escaping buying a quality mattress.
    The topper cannot compensate for an inadequate, old or bad mattress. In the best case, mattress and topper together form a symbiosis, but for this they must be well coordinated.
    Only together they can give you a good sleeping experience.
    So if you have problems sleeping, it is usually due to the mattress and not the topper. It transfers all the positive and negative properties of the mattress directly to the sleeper, without interfering too much with the quality of sleep. Thus, the topper itself can only improve sleeping comfort by supporting the actual mattress in its mode of action. Its importance should not be underestimated, but a good mattress still remains the decisive criterion of a heavenly sleep!

  • The Topper Must Be Turned Regularly

    In order to enjoy your topper for as long as possible, you should definitely make sure that you turn it regularly!
    This will prevent it from wearing out too quickly and you won’t have to buy a new topper so soon.
    By regularly stressing it in different places, the wear and tear is distributed more evenly over the entire surface of the bed, so to speak, and thus prevents premature sagging. But even if you turn and rotate your topper at regular intervals, i.e. treat it in the best possible way, sooner or later it will reach its fatigue limit
    It is therefore not surprising that the topper, as the top layer, is subjected to the most intensive wear and tear and therefore needs to be replaced first.

  • The Topper Height Is Difficult To Re-Measure

    If you want to check the height of the topper, you may find out that it is lower than indicated. But you should not panic about it! Do not worry, you have not been cheated and lied to.
    It is simply common in the industry that the height of a topper refers to its center. Towards the edge, they simply drop slightly, which makes it difficult to re-measure.

  • You Should Pay Attention To The Density

    Information on the filling of toppers is usually provided by the indication of the volume weight. However, as a layman can do little with the information, the following rule of thumb can be used:
    A higher density indicates better quality.
    It is an indicator that more material has been used for the same space. Therefore, a lower density often indicates a mattress of lower quality.
    A higher volume weight ensures, among other things, that the topper lasts longer and also returns better to its original shape after it has been loaded.

  • Always Test The Topper

    Since toppers can differ in terms of hardness and volume weight, for example, you should always test a topper before making a final purchase.
    Even if the specifications for the „filling material“ are the same, for example, the toppers can still differ in their lying properties (e.g. height, cover, firmness).
    Toppers that appear to be the same are not necessarily the same. There are often different lying characteristics between different manufacturers. So test first, then fall in love!

  • Never Use A Scandinavian Box Spring Bed Without A Topper

    Using a bed without a topper, which was manufactured and designed for a topper, makes less sense.
    In contrast to the American model, the Scandinavian variant requires a topper to achieve the ideal sleeping characteristics in the first place. It is part of it.
    This is because in Scandinavian box spring mattresses the padding on the springs is very thin, since it is assumed that the end user will put a topper on the mattress anyway. Without a topper, the lying feeling will not be able to be „like on clouds“.
    The additional reason, besides the issue regarding comfort, is that a Scandinavian box spring mattress will wear out far too quickly if a topper is not used.
    So, it is not an option to use a Scandinavian box spring bed without a topper. The rule is: with this type of box spring, the topper is mandatory!


5 Advantages Of The Scandinavian Topper Variant

Okay well, if something is called „mandatory“, you should also know what you get out of it.
I have already told you what advantages a topper has in general. So some things will be duplicated now. Nevertheless, I would like to list separately the advantages of a Scandinavian box spring bed, which are of course due to the topper.
So here again:
A small, summarized selection of the most important advantages that the Scandinavian model, with its absolutely necessary topper, has over the American box spring system.

  • Individual Adjustment Possibility

    The whole bed can be adjusted much better and more individually for each type of sleep. Mattress and topper are two separate components, so you can adjust them much better to the individual needs of the sleeper than if only the mattress itself can be chosen.

  • The Hygiene Advantage

    The bed remains more hygienic because the topper keeps the actual mattress clean and is itself easier to clean than a giant American mattress.

  • Protection Of The Mattress

    The actual mattress is spared, because the main wear takes place on the topper itself and this just prolongs the life expectancy of the actual mattress.

  • Topper Can Be Replaced Separately

    It is possible to replace the topper without having to replace the whole mattress. If there is a problem with the mattress or the integrated topper in the American bed, it is always necessary to replace the whole package. It’s inconvenient and expensive.
    This is not an issue with the Scandinavian version. You can keep your mattress and just replace the topper or vice versa.

  • Design Variety

    The design variety and flexibility of the Scandinavian variant is unmatched. As already described, only the topper itself must be made of typical bed materials.

Choosing mattress and bed.

As you’ve seen, there are a few things to consider when buying a topper.
I have shown you that the Scandinavian box spring bed has some great advantages over the American one. Furthermore, you have seen that a Scandinavian box spring bed without a topper makes virtually no sense, as well as the many advantages that a topper generally brings with it.
If you now follow the tips for buying a topper, select the right core material for you and garnish the whole thing with extensive test lying, you will soon also sleep heavenly – even like on clouds! That’s a promise!

I wish you restful nights on your perfectly fitting box spring bed with a wonderful topper – I hope I could help you to get an overview.
Have you already read the other articles about box spring beds?

Remember, it is important to get enough information before buying. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments section or check out our box spring bed guide


Now to the Topperfinder & perfect your sleeping comfort!

Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.