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Trundle Bed Or Box Spring Bed?

Fixed Spring Bed Or Box Spring Bed?

Whether Bockspringbett or box spring bed at the end is meant with it the box spring bed, which lies at present totally in the trend, but why?
Furniture stores like to praise the trestle spring beds or box spring beds as luxury beds. They are also a bit more expensive compared to conventional beds, but meanwhile there are also box spring beds in lower price ranges, so there is something for everyone. The Bockspringbett enjoys also in Germany of largest popularity this is because of the many advantages of the Bockspringbett, like the high sleep comfort and the comfort couch height which facilitate the entrance and exit from the bed enormously. About the many Advantages of box spring beds i have already written an article, look gladly times past!
I have always noticed the different spellings of box spring beds during my research work on my articles. From Bockspringbett, box spring bed to Bockspringbett or Bock spring bed, everything is represented.
Bockspringbett oder Boxspringbett?

Why Box Spring Bed And Not Trestle Spring Bed?

Many people still assume that when talking about box spring beds are meant Bockspringbetten. But why are these beds not actually called box spring beds? Quite simply! The structure of the box spring bed consists of boxes and therefore has nothing to do with a box spring bed. To be more precise, a box spring bed consists of a box, a mattress and a topper. If you know that the box spring bed consists of a box, then the wrong name Bockspringbett quickly no longer makes sense and if you remember this, then you also quickly forget the wrong spelling.
Bockspringbetten is often searched for, but usually it is a small spelling mistake. However, this is not so bad, because search engines, such as Google recognize this error and immediately show you the correct spelling „boxspring beds“, so you get despite the wrong spelling in the online stores or on the advice pages to buy a new dream bed or to learn about it.
Boxspring beds are mainly divided into two categories. This is on the one hand the American box spring bed and the Scandinavian box spring bed.
In Europe, especially the Scandinavian box spring bed type is popular, but here I would like to introduce you to both variants:

The American Box Spring Bed

The American box spring bed is predominantly popular in the USA and Canada. Basically, this bed differs in the height of its mattress, which reaches at least a height of 30cm. Furthermore, the upper layer of the mattress is made especially „cozy“ and comfortable, this is due to the fact that this American model usually does not have an additional topper mattress.

The Scandinavian Box Spring Bed

The Scandinavian box spring bed, unlike the American box spring bed, uses a topper. Due to the fact that the Scandinavian box spring bed uses a topper, it is assumed that its life expectancy is much longer than compared to the American box spring beds.

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