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In The Boxspring World Configure Each Box Spring Bed Individually

Sleeping is as individual as each and every one of us. That makes it all the more important to find a bed that adapts to your individual preferences not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of comfort.
Configuring beds individually – that may sound like a big challenge at first, and in fact the production of individual beds involves a lot of effort and sensitivity. But Boxspring Welt from Bielefeld has made exactly that its focus.
Since 2015, the online mail order company with showrooms in Bielefeld, Berlin and Oberndorf am Neckar has been selling boxspring beds that can literally be customized to your needs and wishes from head to toe.
The range of Boxspring Welt includes classic boxspring beds, boxspring beds with bed base, boxspring beds with motor (and bed base), boxspring beds for overweight people and much more. You can get beds from the house brands „Boxspring Welt“ and „Sattler Bedding“ as well as from other well-known manufacturers.
The company is constantly developing its customization concept, most recently with the „Paul“ box spring bed, which offers even more choices. A good reason, then, to take a closer look at the concept and quality of the online retailer.

Why Individual Box Spring Beds?

But first the question: Why pay so much attention to the degree of hardness, toppers and the like? The answer is simple: bad lying can lead to poor sleep, tension and headaches. Probably every one of us has woken up in the morning sleepless or in pain. Of course, this is not necessarily due to the mattress, topper or pillow.
Nevertheless, bed mispurchases can have an enormous impact on our sleep quality and well-being. Whether it’s too hard or too soft is irrelevant at first, because in both cases our body doesn’t get the support it actually needs for healthy sleep.
To prevent just such a thing, Boxspring Welt manufactures individual box spring beds. But how is it actually possible to meet so many different sleeping needs?

Boxspring Welt: Boxspring Beds For Every Taste And Every Sleeping Need

Let’s assume you weigh less than 80 kg, like to lie softer and would like to equip your bed with a special headboard and wooden feet in any case. In addition, the color and cover should be something special – you have a trendy gold tone in mind, and instead of fine textile you want a fluffy velvet cover.
Or imagine that because you’re overweight, you need a stable yet resilient and breathable bed surface.
Maybe it even has to be a bed that takes up little space and fits perfectly under the sloping roof, preferably without a headboard.
None of this is a problem at Boxspring Welt, because in fact almost any bed of the house brand „Boxspring Welt“ can be put together here to suit your whim, in the categories of lower box, headboard, feet, color / cover as well as degree of hardness and topper.
The bed only goes into production after the order, so that special requests can also be taken into account. Each box spring bed is thus manufactured exclusively for the respective customer.
More expensive the box spring bed does not become thereby however. On the contrary. Because the storage costs are eliminated, the sales price also decreases.

Boxspring Bed Paul – A Bed To Design Yourself

Among all the beds of the Boxspring world boxspring bed Paul brings the most design options – a real pioneer, therefore, when it comes to custom beds, and not for nothing so popular with customers.
With the Paul box spring bed you can choose from:

  • Seven different headboards, from classic to quilted to capitoned (and if you don’t need one, you can simply order the bed without a headboard).
  • Five covers, including fine and coarse textile, soft, thick textile, fine shiny velvet and genuine leather.
  • Many different colors from gray to cream to red and gold.
  • Five foot options in wood or chrome.
  • Four firmness levels: H2 (up to 80 kg), H3 (up to 100 kg) H4 + H5 (from 100 kg).
  • Four luxury toppers made of HR 45 cold foam, HR 80 cold foam (ideal for overweight), Klimalatex and Visko.
  • Lower box up to 120 kg and lower box above 120 kg.

Boxspring World: Boxspring Bed Configuration Made Easy

You can make your selection for the Paul model as well as for all other Boxspring Welt beds in the so-called „configurator“. The operation of the configurator is simple. All configurations are made on one page, so you always have an overview of your specifications. If you are unsure about your choice, small info boxes next to the buttons will help you make a decision. You can also find out more in the extensive FAQ section – not to mention the customer service.
Boxspring Welt is undoubtedly known for its customer service – in a positive sense, because the company is also concerned with individual support here. The customer service is the place to go for all questions about boxspring beds, ordering, and custom-made products. So if you don’t know which bed is right for you, or you have a very special request for your box spring bed, you can always turn to the expert advisors* at Boxspring Welt – either by phone, email or on site in one of the specialty stores.
Good to know: Not all possible configurations always appear online. However, this does not mean that you have to do without your dream bed. In consultation with the customer service of Boxspring Welt (almost) all wishes can be realized. Even with the already very design-friendly Paul model, you still have plenty of room for maneuver.

Boxspring Bed Quality From Boxspring World

Admittedly, with so much gadgetry, you might get the feeling that the quality of the beds comes up short. But the opposite is true. All of the house brand beds are made by a Dutch manufacturer that has more than 30 years of experience in box spring bed manufacturing and plenty of skill and expert knowledge thanks to its long manufacturing tradition.
A must for beds of Boxspring World is the stable bottom box made of solid wood with barrel pocket spring core and anti-slip coating. It forms the basis for the lying surface and is also available reinforced, i.e. with double the number of springs, in case of overweight.
The high-quality spring core, which is located not only in the bottom box but also in the mattress, supports your body precisely and prevents your spine from sagging in the heavy center of your body (hammock effect). Instead, heavier body parts sink in while lighter body parts are stabilized. In this way, your body assumes an ergonomically healthy posture while you sleep.
To meet every sleeping need, the mattress is available in different firmness levels, from H2 to H5. Mattresses in H5 are also suitable for overweight people.
Last but not least, the box spring bed usually comes with a topper made of elastic and stabilizing foams such as cold foam, Klimalatex or Visco – depending on which lying feeling you prefer. Here, too, there are always suitable solutions for you, for example, if you freeze quickly, tend to sweat or have a high body weight.
So if you want to configure a box spring bed according to your personal wishes and needs and still value quality, you are clearly at the right address at Boxspring Welt.

Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.