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Otto.de – Box Spring Beds With Storage Space

Otto.de – Boxspring Beds With Storage Space

Look what I have for you – Otto.de offers a lot of beautiful box spring beds!
But whether you can really find a good bed, you ask yourself?
So that you can answer these questions and put confidence and security in the answer, I have written this article. But that’s not all!
If you remember, among the disadvantages of a box spring bed there was one aspect: lack of storage space.
But in one move, I did tell you that there is a solution for that. And I wouldn’t be a good advisor on your way to the perfect box spring bed if I didn’t present it to you. So keep your eyes open when buying a box spring!
On Otto.de you will find high quality beds, some of which even offer storage space – how practical!
In this article I will tell you approximately how the search for a box spring bed on Otto.de turns out. In addition I will introduce you to a Boxspring bed with storage space which you can also find at OTTO.

Boxspring beds on Otto.de

– Search and find –

OTTO offers a wide range of box spring beds. In addition, you will find a clear list of details of each bed, so you can see exactly what each box spring bed has to offer. This facilitates the search immensely, as you can immediately see whether the box spring bed meets the points that matter.
So you can with the help of our Checklist you can check exactly and quickly whether the bed is suitable for you or not.
Moreover, partly on Otto.de you can also choose which mattress you want to have for the chosen bed, how big your bed should be and so on….
So in terms of clarity, the website is very, very well built!
You will find in the online store a search option with many selectable filters, so you get a good overview of the offer. Here you can select exactly what you are looking for in a box spring bed.
Whether color, size, equipment, rating or delivery time – you can filter everything possible. Just take a look at it at your leisure and set your checkmarks as you like.
For example, you can also find the category: box spring bed with bed base, which is interesting for us today.
Of course, you can also click through the entire assortment and see which box spring bed from OTTO makes your heart beat faster. Of course, it is simplified by the selection options, where you can directly choose what is important to you in your bed.

What Is The General Experience At OTTO?

As I know, you can not complain about the orders at OTTO. Very many positive experiences are shared about OTTO.
This is mainly due to the fact that deliveries are fast and product returns are also consistently trouble-free.
It is very clear to see that customers who have chosen and bought a box spring bed on OTTO are mostly very satisfied with their order.
The good thing about OTTO: For every product, so also for every box spring bed, experiences can be shared in the customer reviews. This way, you can see to what extent the box spring bed has been rated and how satisfied previous customers are with the bed and service.
So you’re more of a skeptical buyer? No problem. The customer reviews will help you to correctly assess your choice and avoid wrong purchases. And if you choose the wrong bed: no problem. As mentioned, there are no problems with returns on OTTO.de.

Boxspring bed with storage space

More Storage Space For Your Bedroom

As a parade example bed for this article I have chosen the box spring bed with bed base, including topper and pillows from Otto.de .
Boxspringbett Otto.de
Why this box spring bed with storage space from OTTO is special:
Boxspring bed with storage space – This bed offers you many plus points at once and additionally even has an integrated storage space, so that it merely does not take up too much space in your bedroom.
The box spring bed with storage space is delivered to you together with a continuous cold foam topper and offers the option of the barrel pocket spring core mattress, which I definitely recommend to you. In the bottom box, you’ll find a bonell spring core that responds surface elasticity and is super suitable as a bottom mattress.
In addition, the advantages of this box spring bed with storage space include from OTTO:

  • The very large storage space in the form of a bed drawer. It extends over the entire length of the bed and offers you an enormous amount of space for pillows, blankets, etc., which is rather rare in box spring beds.
  • The particularly stable bed frame with itegirierten gas springs.
  • The comfortable and super padded head- and footboard for an extra portion of comfort.
  • Excellent height of 69 cm, which makes it easy to get in and out of bed.
  • Supplied cushion set, matching the box spring bed and as a highlight for the optics.

The Most Important Aspects Of The OTTO Box Spring Bed With Storage Space

The short listing of the existing advantages already has a certain appeal, don’t you think? Then let’s go into more detail…
I will now describe to you what the box spring bed with storage space from OTTO in detail. After all, it is important to inform yourself about everything exactly, so that you can be sure with the final choice.

The Highlight – Box Spring Bed With Integrated Storage Space

As already mentioned, the bed is so special because it offers you an enormous storage space. Under the bed there is a bed drawer with the dimensions 197 x 86 x 20cm.
A disadvantage of box spring beds is that they are usually very large and do not offer any storage space. In fact, in most cases, they close with or very close to the floor, so there is no storage space even underneath the bed.
This problem is solved by this box spring bed from OTTO sovereignly and does not lose any of its visual charm.
The bed drawer can be opened quite easily via gas pressure springs. So overall super practical and the disadvantage of other box spring beds becomes your highlight!

Boxspring Bed With Storage Space – The Perfect Comfort

The bed can be equipped with a barrel pocket spring core mattress. As you probably remember from our article on „types of mattresses“, this is the best type for the top mattress. Your body is optimally relieved, which is due to the barrel pocket springs. This is because they respond individually to any pressure you apply. As a result, your spine is perfectly supported and from now on you can say goodbye to back pain.
For a body weight of 80 to 100 kg, it is best to choose the H3 firmness level.
If you are not yet familiar with the types of mattresses, be sure to read our article on this topic!

Boxspring Bed With Storage Space – The Perfect Comfort The Matching Look

Available color options and dimensions
The box spring bed with storage space on Otto.de is available in three different colors.

  • Anthracite
  • Brown
  • Cappuccino

Boxspringbett Otto.de
Among these simple colors is the right one for every bedroom! Thus, the OTTO box spring bed with storage space is not only super practical, but also super chic.
The bed is available as a single bed with 90cm width, as well as a double bed with 180cm width. In addition, there is in each case an additional width of the lying surface of 6cm due to the protruding headboard.
The total length of the box spring bed is 2.20m.
So it doesn’t matter if you want to buy the bed for a small room and for you alone or for a big room and for you and your partner.
It’s all possible and it will definitely fit great in your bedroom.

Boxspringbett Otto.de

Find out more about the box spring bed with bed base from Otto.de

The excellent sleeping comfort in the OTTO box spring bed with storage space

The box spring bed has a bonell spring core mattress in the box spring, which makes it area-elastic. In the upper mattress, you should choose the barrel pocket spring core mattress, which gives you a point elastic effect that perfectly complements the lower mattress made of bonell spring cores.
As mentioned earlier, your body will be optimally supported by this mattress choice. This is due to the fact that the pressure generated in the upper mattress is transferred to the lower mattress, which springs over a large area. The perfect sleeping comfort for the best sleep you can have!
The OTTO box spring bed with storage space offers a spring count of 206 springs per m². While there are comparatively box spring beds with higher spring counts, the customer reviews of the featured OTTO Boxspring Bed with Storage are nearly unbeatable. So the comparatively lower number of springs doesn’t detract from the whole thing in terms of comfort. On the contrary! The bed has incredibly good customer reviews, the content of which rave about high sleeping comfort and enormous energy for the day.
So a thoroughly super good box spring bed! Otherwise, I would not recommend it to you, after all.
As a perfect finishing touch, the box spring bed comes with a continuous toppe. This consists of cold foam and connects both mattress halves in the double bed variant. Visitor’s crevice was yesterday!
Now you have a large, comfortable lying surface that invites you to cuddle up and relax together.

Box Spring Bed With Storage Space – High Quality And Workmanship

Wobble and squeak with this box spring bed with storage space? Absolutely no. The parts of the box spring bed are firmly connected to each other. The bed holds! This can also be read wonderfully in the customer reviews. Previous buyers praise the box spring bed for its stability.
In addition, the bed is visually flawlessly sewn, so all the seams of the fabric look neatly finished. So the bed’s textile fabric makes a real visual impact!
The plastic feet also suggest high durability, although they are visually very plain and rather small.
The gas springs work perfectly. Through them, the bed halves are quickly and easily brought into a position that gives you convenient access to the storage space.
The integrated bed drawer can be opened easily and reaching the storage space does not become a „feat of strength“.
It offers you generous space for blankets, pillows or whatever else you want to store under your bed.
Of course, the bottom of the bed drawers is designed to carry rather light objects. So you should use the storage space best for „bed-typical“ things.

Box Spring Bed With Storage Space – How Is The Delivery At Otto.de?

Just like it is common for beds elsewhere, the delivery will be made by a shipping company. The individual parts of the OTTO box spring bed are super packed and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking during transport. Of course, something can always happen, but as a rule, transport damage is virtually impossible.
If your box spring bed is in stock, OTTO will deliver it to you within 2-3 business days and a 2-man team will bring it to your desired location.
You can even have your new bed delivered to your bedroom. And that’s not all!
You can additionally choose that you want to claim an assembly service and it will be built up for you directly on the delivery day.
So you are absolutely untalented with your hands? No problem. For a small extra charge of 75 euros you give this work off.
However, the bed is built in about an hour by yourself. If you don’t have two completely left hands, you should be able to do it yourself quite easily. So: Trust in yourself and save money or rather hand over the responsibility – both are possible on Otto.de.

Happy morning. Portrait of a smiling pretty young brunette woman

The Customer Service At Otto.de

The Advantages At A Glance

The assembly service is already a very nice thing. But does Otto.de’s customer service have anything else to offer? Oh yes! Quite a lot, in fact. OTTO’s customer service is predominantly well-received by customers.
But why? What makes customer service so special?
I can tell you. The special advantages of the customer service offered at Otto.de include:

  • The possibility to buy on account.
  • You don’t have to pay for your box spring bed in advance, as is the case with many other providers. At OTTO you can do this conveniently by invoice after you have received your box spring bed

  • Payment in installments.
  • You don’t have so much money in your account, but you can’t wait any longer for your new dream bed? No problem. At OTTO you can easily pay in installments.

  • 100 days payment break for installments.
  • You are a bit short of money in the meantime? OTTO also offers a solution for this. You can stop your payment for 100 days.

  • 30-day right of return and free return delivery.
  • With online purchases yes important that they offer a free return delivery. Then you can put a check mark nicely at OTTO, because here you can test your bed for 30 days and then still send it back for free if necessary.

  • Around the clock – advice on the phone.

No matter what you have on your mind regarding your order or what questions are on your mind – OTTO offers a 24 hour service and that every day! Not bad at all, don’t you think? In any case, no one will leave you in the lurch.

My conclusion:

The answer is yes!
In summary, you will meet a new bedroom favorite with this box spring bed with storage – I can assure you of that. It’s practical, beautiful, comfortable and delivers what it promises.
The bed provides you with enormous storage space, looks great and has a high-quality finish.
Sleeping comfort? It couldn’t be any better with the optional barrel pocket spring core mattress in the top mattress!
Visually inviting? Most definitely! The gorgeous headboard will inevitably make you want to throw yourself right into your new bed to watch TV. I only wonder when you will be found outside of your new bed in the early days.
The price-performance ratio convinces all along the line! You already know: Quality has its price. But with this bed from OTTO you will not doubt for a second whether you could have invested the money better.

Now to the bed finder and find your dream bed from Otto.de

Marcus is a trained carpenter and therefore knows a lot about building furniture. His passion is practical yet beautiful furniture that anyone can easily assemble at home. In the editorial department of boxpsringbetten24.org he can pursue this interest and pass on his knowledge and product recommendations to you. Have fun browsing.