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IKEA-Topper Tromsdalen

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IKEA Topper Tromsdalen

With this Ikea topper can be achieved even smaller improvements in the lying and sleeping characteristics of your box spring bed. With this mattress topper, you can still adjust the hardness/softness of the bed a little or even make the sleeping experience a little cooler/warm. In the following I will take a closer look at the IKEA topper Tromsdalen, here we go:

Sleep Comfort & Health

IKEA-Topper Tromsdalen
IKEA topper Tromsdalen

This mattress topper is suitable for the Ikea box spring bed Vallavik and the Ikea box spring bed Oldervik.
For the Ikea box spring bed Oldervik, this mattress topper is combined with the Hesseng mattress made of pocket springs (firm or medium firm) and provides you with optimal sleeping comfort. The elastic fabric on the top perfectly adapts to the body for optimal sleeping comfort.
The topper from Ikea has at least two good sides, because it protects the mattress from dust and dirt, thus prolonging the durability of the mattress. It also increases the comfort of sleep.
As with all other toppers, this one from this IKEA topper Tromsdalen is an easy to use thin mattress and can be covered very easily, unlike the big American box spring mattress. This is very practical, because thus you do not have to fight regularly with a large and unruly mattress, but simply bypasses this problem with the much lighter topper.
You will quickly notice: Re-covering your bed will no longer be a struggle in the future, but you can quickly look forward to a freshly covered and super comfortable box spring bed.

Core & Cover

This IKEA topper Tromsdalen is made of natural materials such as latex and cotton le, so this mattress topper belongs to the top class. As can also be seen in the pictures, this IKEA topper Tromsdalen with its 7 cm is very high and thus provides a pleasant sleeping comfort. In the core of the topper is a 4 cm high natural latex layer. This provides deep relaxation, because it is equipped with very good pressure-relieving properties. These materials ensure good moisture exchange and a very pleasant sleeping climate, so that the neck, back and muscle parts can relax at a constant temperature.
The cover is made of a modern stretch material that follows your movements smoothly.
Visually, the IKEA topper Tromsdal is also very appealing due to its natural appearance.

IKEA-Topper Tromsdalen
IKEA topper Tromsdalen

More detailed information about the filling:
This topper TROMSDALEN is made of a material mix of natural latex, synthetic latex and polyactide fiber padding.

What else you should note:
It should be noted that the IKEA topper Tromsdalen is not washable and the surface should only be cleaned with a mild furniture shampoo.
The IKEA topper Tromsdalen is available in all standard sizes between 90 x 200 cm and 180 x 200 cm.

To the supplier

Service & Delivery

The IKEA store offers flexible payment options, so you can buy your box spring bed and topper now and pay it off in small steps. All you need to know:
– This is valid for financing from 1 000.-
– The terms are selectable between 12 and 72 months
– Incl. transport security of your furniture during transport to your home
– There are no application or processing fees
– You need an IKEA FAMILY payment card to apply
Not sure how to transport your new topper? – Make it easy for yourself and order online and have it delivered to your home and even assembled if you wish. All you have to do is choose the date and time and IKEA will deliver your new box spring bed or topper anywhere in Germany. The delivery costs are calculated according to the value of the goods.
IKEA is so convinced of the quality of their products that they offer you excellent guarantees.


IKEA-Topper Tromsdalen
IKEA topper Tromsdalen

This topper TROMSDALEN is available in sizes 90×200, 140×200, 160×200 and 180×200.




This IKEA topper Tromsdalen definitely belongs to the high-quality mattress toppers and convinces especially with its 7cm thickness and its natural materials. The only drawback is that this IKEA topper Tromsdalen is not washable and can „only“ be cleaned with a mild furniture shampoo.

Data sheet

Feature Description
Lying surface 90x200cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm
Removable cover No

To the supplier

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