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IKEA Topper Tustna

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IKEA Topper Tustna

Mattress toppers are made of different materials. Depending on the material, there are different properties and of course different price ranges. Topper is not just topper and for this reason I will introduce you in this article the IKEA topper Tustna in more detail!

Sleep Comfort & Health

IKEA-Topper Tustna
IKEA topper Tustna

This IKEA topper Tustna is suitable for the Ikea box spring bed Dunvik and box spring bed Vallavik.
For Ikea box spring bed Dunvik, this mattress topper can be combined with pocket spring mattress Hokkåsen (firm or medium firm) or pocket spring mattress Hyllestad (firm or medium firm) and pocket spring mattress Hövåg (firm or medium firm).
In Ikea box spring bed Vallavik this topper can be combined with pocket spring mattress Hyllestad (firm or medium firm).
IKEA topper Tustna is made of latex and wool and is suitable for all types of sleepers who like to lie a little softer. This is because latex is a very elastic and soft material, but (and this is especially important!) at the same time it quickly returns to its original shape after being subjected to stress.
Since latex is a point-elastic material, it relieves your body in an exemplary manner and thus prevents back pain. In addition, latex is characterized by an extremely high elasticity and a slightly springy effect. Overall, the material adapts point-elastically to each of your body contours and is also very dimensionally stable, which is why it immediately returns to its original position after physical strain.

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Core & Cover

The softly padded IKEA topper Tustna made of latex and wool is equipped with very good pressure-relieving properties and thus ensures pleasant relaxation. The elastic fabric on the top adapts perfectly to your lying position and thus ensures a high level of sleeping comfort.

IKEA-Topper Tustna
IKEA topper Tustna

Service & Delivery

The IKEA furniture store offers you flexible payment options, so you can buy your box spring bed and topper now and pay it off in small steps. All you need to know:
– This is valid for financing from 1 000.-
– The terms are selectable between 12 and 72 months
– Incl. transport security of your furniture during transport to your home
– There are no application or processing fees
– You need an IKEA FAMILY payment card to apply
Not sure how to transport your new topper? – make it easy for yourself and order online and have it delivered to your home and even assembled if you wish. All you need to know:
You choose the date and time and IKEA will deliver your new box spring bed or topper anywhere in Germany.
The delivery costs are calculated according to the value of goods.

IKEA is so convinced of the quality of their products that they offer you excellent guarantees.


IKEA-Topper Tustna
IKEA topper Tustna




90×200 cm
140×200 cm
160×200 cm
180×200 cm


This IKEA topper Tustna convinces with its pressure-relieving properties and thus provides relaxation and a high sleeping comfort for your bed. The disadvantage of this IKEA topper Tustna is that the cover of the overlay is not washable and can „only“ be cleaned with a mild furniture shampoo.

Data sheet

Feature Description
Lying surface 90×200, 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm
Removable cover No

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